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Halloween in Las Vegas for Kids, Teens, and Families

Las Vegas does Halloween better than almost any other city in the country. If you're looking for something to do this Halloween, check out the numerous events and haunted attractions throughout Las Vegas.

The Best Day Trips from Las Vegas

The non-stop party in Vegas is fun, but let’s face it, sometimes you just need a break. If Vegas is wearing you down, don’t give up and retreat into your hotel room. Take a day trip!

Democrats won’t shutdown Gay Vegas Sex Clubs despite evidence Monkeypox came...

Today, news broke that the current Monkeypox scare started in gay bathhouses overseas, making most rational people wonder, that if we shut down our entire economy over a cold, why are Democrats not demanding the immediate shutdown of all Gay Bathhouses and sex clubs?

9 Time Felon with 82 Arrests – Only 21 months in...

In the latest mockery of our judicial system here in Las Vegas, it appears that Democrat prosecutor Steve Wolfson’s office has yet again allowed a vicious criminal to escape justice.

Thug accused of sexually assaulting & trying to Murder Eldorado High...

Years of unreported violence at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas leads to teacher being sexually assaulted and almost murdered by a student...

Two shot at Western High School in Las Vegas

Two people were shot at Western High School in Las Vegas after police pursued a vehicle and then reportedly opened fire at a car in the school parking lot. According to CCSD police, the car struck at least one student before police opened fire on the vehicle.

Another Las Vegas Strip Stabbing: Man stabbed in Chest near New...

Last night, on a pedestrian bridge near the New York New York, a man was stabbed in the chest and killed in what has become an almost nightly problem, thanks to our do-nothing leaders who have allowed the Las Vegas strip to slip into third-world status.

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