Nightly Beatdowns, Ghetto Fights and Assaults? The New Normal in Las Vegas?

What the local media won't show... Nightly assaults and the Ghetto takeover of Las Vegas courtesy of Governor Steve "Shitbag" Sisolak

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When Fact Checkers Don’t Check the Facts! Why won’t media admit...

If Renown is indeed using a parking garage to house patients, shouldn’t they be asking why, especially when the county data shows there is zero need? Shouldn’t these so-called fact-checkers be asking if this is medical malpractice, putting people’s lives in danger to justify spending $11 million on a parking garage hospital that was never needed?

Lawless Nevada Attorney General Ignores Courts Blocks Us on Social Media

Attorney General of Nevada Aaron Ford is yet again violating the law. It seems he does not want people to know about his criminal history!

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