Nightly Beatdowns, Ghetto Fights and Assaults? The New Normal in Las Vegas?

What the local media won't show... Nightly assaults and the Ghetto takeover of Las Vegas courtesy of Governor Steve "Shitbag" Sisolak

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Las Vegas Metro, Security and Local Media Ignored Violent Homeless Problem,...

City, County and State Officials Ignore the Very Real Dangers they are Putting on Tourists! Over the weekend a man was killed on the Las Vegas Strip by a homeless drug addict with a long history of assaults!

Vegas Goes Mad Max: ‘Sideshows’ take over Streets & Intersections Causing...

It’s a bizarre and growing trend here in Las Vegas, sideshow events that feature gangs of morons blocking off and taking over entire intersections throughout Las Vegas. It seems to be an almost weekly occurrence, that started picking up during the height of the shutdowns. These impromptu parties can last for almost an hour before Metro even shows up.

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