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Coverup Continues: Woman died at Vegas Lovers & Friends Festival

In the latest coverup, to protect the Ghetto hip-hop event earlier in the week, we have now confirmed that at least 1 person is dead as a result of the ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival in Las Vegas.

9 Time Felon with 82 Arrests – Only 21 months in...

In the latest mockery of our judicial system here in Las Vegas, it appears that Democrat prosecutor Steve Wolfson’s office has yet again allowed a vicious criminal to escape justice.
Grifter Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert Exposed: Gilbert’s Law Firm Helps Illegals Avoid Capture & Deportation Despite Campaign...

Conman Joey Gilbert found helping illegals avoid ICE capture in Nevada, donating to socialists who put in mask mandates, and helping flood Nevada with illegals through his law firm…
Steve Sisolak

Sisolak COVID policies have led to the highest rate of job loss found in...

that Governor Steve Sisolak's COVID mandates and lockdowns have failed to reduce the COVID death rate, and may have caused a higher total death rate.

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