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Lombardo’s Latest Betrayal: Rewarding Failing Schools with $2 Billion

This week Governor Joe Lombaro has proven exactly what we warned during the elections; he is nothing more than a second term of the...

Governor Lombardo’s Latest Betrayal: Nevada Prisons Forced to Bow Down to...

Governor Joe Lombardo signed SB153 into law, a bill that will force Nevada prison workers to comply with the demands of transgender prisoners and provide "gender-affirming health care" and specialized housing for transgender prisoners.
Steve Sisolak and Kathy Ong

Steve Sisolak And Wife Kathy Ong’s Money Laundering Scheme

This morning Governor Steve Sisolak took to Twitter ranting, raving and demanding that his opponents leave his wife out of the campaign, and with good reason – if the corruption and billions of stolen tax dollars from his wife's firm were exposed, it would mean not only the end of his political career but quite possibly a jail cell for him and his wife.
Grifter Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert Exposed: Gilbert’s Law Firm Helps Illegals Avoid Capture & Deportation Despite Campaign...

Conman Joey Gilbert found helping illegals avoid ICE capture in Nevada, donating to socialists who put in mask mandates, and helping flood Nevada with illegals through his law firm…

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