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Las Vegas COVID Positive Health Care Workers Forced to Work while...

COVID positive doctors, nurses, and frontline healthcare workers are being forced to work at Las Vegas Hospitals while sick, potentially spreading the virus to immunocompromised patients.

Sisolak Targets SHOT Show: Sends Enforcement Team to threaten Exhibitors and...

timidation and harassment, targeting those who are attending the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas.
Vegas COVID deaths vs murders

More people Under 40 Have been Murdered in Las Vegas than Died of COVID

If you are under 40 you have a 323% higher risk of being murdered in the city of Las Vegas than dying of COVID!!!!

Nightly Beatdowns, Ghetto Fights and Assaults? The New Normal in Las Vegas?

What the local media won't show... Nightly assaults and the Ghetto takeover of Las Vegas courtesy of Governor Steve "Shitbag" Sisolak

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