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Fun Facts about Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is a city cloaked in mystery, the stories that come out of this place are often so hard to believe that most outsiders have a hard time even picturing the things that go on. Trust me, we some crazy things here!

While this is a town of unbelievable stories, we are going to demystify some things and give your some real facts about Las Vegas.

Living is Las Vegas by the Numbers

  • Number of Las Vegas city residents: 603,488
  • Number of Clark County residents: 2.028 Million
  • Median Household income: $51,450
  • Median price of single-family homes: $205,000
  • Number of people who Work for Casinos: 170,618

Tourism Numbers and Stats – Gaming, Casinos & Hotels

While Las Vegas has become known for much more than gaming, gaming is still one of the biggest draws and the number one reason people travel to Las Vegas.

  • When Gambling became Legal: Gambling became legal in 1931
  • Average Daily Room Rate: The average Las Vegas Hotel Room rate is $119.94
  • Gaming Revenue per Year: $9,616,463,000
  • % of tourists who end up gambling during their stay: 87
  • Hours per day average visitor spends gambling: 3.9
  • Visitors average gambling budget per trip, in dollars: $559
  • Average Age of Las Vegas Visitor: 47.7 years old
  • Visitors travel that with someone under 21: 8%
  • Number of visitors in 2015: 42,312,216
  • Average visitor’s trip (in nights): 3.4

Convention Facts and Figures

Wehn it comes to trade shows, conferences, and conventions there isn’t another city in the world that does it bigger or better than Las Vegas. In fact, we are the convention capital of the world.

  • Number of Convention Visitors: In 2015 an estimated 5,891,151 people attended conventions in Las Vegas
  • Number of Conventions held Per Year: We hosted a staggering 21,306 conventions in 2015.
  • Average yearly revenue from conventions:  $8.5 Billion

Las Vegas Weather Facts

  • Las Vegas has an average of 300 sunshine days a year
  • Las Vegas Hottest day was on July 19, 2005, when it reached a blazing 117 Degrees F.
  • The Coldest day was on  Jan. 13, 1963  when it dipped all the way down to 8° F.

Las Vegas Wedding Stats

Weddings are big business in this city, here are some fast facts.

  • Weddings per Year: Las Vegas is the Number 1 City in the world to get hitched with over 115,000 weddings a year.
  • Weddings per day: Average number of Vegas weddings per day 315
  • How much does it cost to get Married in Vegas: In the city of Las Vegas, the cost for a marriage license is $60.

Other Interesting Facts & Statistics

  • Little Hawaii? Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as Hawaii’s Ninth Island with over 80,000 former residents of Hawaii living in the city.
  • The Sad Secret the Casinos don’t want you to Know: Las Vegas has one of the highest suicide rates of the U.S with a rate of 34.5 suicides per 100,000 people annually.
  • Divorce Rate: Las Vegas has one of the highest divorce rates of the U.S. 13.9 percent of Nevadans over 15 have been divorced.
  • People Flying into Las Vegas: During 2015, 45.4 million people flew in and out of Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport
  • Miles of neon tubing on the Strip and Downtown: 15,000
  • Number of Churches: It’s called sin City but believe it or not there are more than 500 churches and synagogues in the city of Las Vegas. There are actually churches right on the Strip!