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Las Vegas FREE Digital TV Channels: How to Watch Free TV in Las Vegas

Free TV Channels in Las Vegas

With COX switching over to an all HD Digital lineup, they decided to completely screw their customers and force them to buy converter boxes – even for televisions that are already capable of receiving a digital signal. So now customers will have to pay a separate monthly fee and add an ugly converter box for every television in their home.

If you’re sick of the BS from these greedy cable companies, who want to nickel and dime you with extra charges to receive a signal that just a couple weeks ago was free, then you ought to think about ditching the box and throwing up a digital T.V. Antenna. Believe it or not, there are over 50 FREE television channels right here in Las Vegas.

What you need to get Free T.V. in Las Vegas

To receive the digital signals you are going to need a digital antenna. While you can find cheap ones at Walmart, they rarely pick up all of the channels, so we recommend something like the ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna, it has a 60-mile range and will pick up everything in Las Vegas. I have one on my roof, and there isn’t a local channel that I can’t get.

Once you have this antenna mounted, you can run a coax cable right into the cable box outside your home, and you will be able to plug every T.V. in your house directly into the cable outlet and receive the signal.

Yes, you can also watch Cable TV Shows for Free!!!

I also recommend buying a ROKU; they are under $50, and you can stream news networks from around the world, and pull up hundreds of free channels, movies, and T.V. shows.

If you really want to watch cable T.V. shows, you can use your Find it on Amazon

ROKU and then spring for an Amazon Prime or Netflix membership and watch your favorite shows for about $100 a year. Most people pay more than that a month for their cable!

List of Free Television Channels in Las Vegas

2.1Channel Guide 
3.1NBC – HD KVBCNBC Local Affiliate
3.2EstrellaSpanish-language television network owned by Liberman Broadcasting
3.3ChargeMovies, series and sports entertainment
3.4KSNVStadium Sports
5.1FOXHD KVVU FOX Local Affiliate
5.2Bounce TVAfrican American broadcast network
5.3Escape TVCrime and mystery movies and series
8.1CBS  HD KLAS CBS Local Affiliate
8.2METVMemorable Entertainment Television – The Classics
8.3CBS MovieMovies
10.2CreateHow-to, DIY and other lifestyle-oriented instructional programming
10.3PBS KidsChildren shows
13.1ABC HD KTNV ABC Local Affiliate
13.2LAFF TV Comedy
13.3Grit TVOld Westerns and Cowboy movies
15.1Univision HD KINC
18.1KHMPFrance 24 News
19.1Azteca AmericaKHDF
21.1Heroes & IconsWesterns, crime dramas, sci-fi, and action-oriented programming geared toward male audiences.
21.2DecadesClassic television sitcoms and drama series from the 1950s through the 2000s
21.3CometSci-fi entertainment offering popular favorites, cult classics,
21.4Antenna TVClassic television series from the 1950s to the early 2000s
31.2GET TV 
31.3INFOMostly Paid programming
31.4HOT TVBlack and White Shows
33.2My Network TV Dramas
33.3THIS Classic film, modern movies and great television shows
34.1MundoMaxKMCC HD
34.3Cool TVMusic Video
35.1GET TVClassic Movies and TV Shows
39.1TelemundoKBLR  HD
39.3ION Television 
39.4Cozi TV 
41.1Enlace TBNK41IO
43.13ABN K43FO
43.43ABN Latino 
43.53ABN Radio 
43.63ABN Radio 
43.73ABN Radio74 
46.2THISClassic film, modern movies and great television shows
47.1KGNG/HSNLas Vegas
47.2BUZZRGame Shows
47.3Bounce TV 
47.4 Retro Television Network 
47.5 Movies+/ the Works 
47.6Rev’nCar and Boats
47.7 QVC 
50.1Jewelry TV KLSV-LD