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Marketing isn’t about lowering your price

If your main selling point as a business is the price of your products and services, you need to start seriously rethinking that strategy. By selling yourself as the lowest price in town, you lock yourself into a vicious battle with every business whose willing to go just a little bit lower than you are. […]

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Sales & Networking

3 Local Business Networking Events to get you started.

Las Vegas is a great town to network with other business owners and professionals. From small local events to large national conventions and expos Las Vegas is one of the best places to meet the “who’s who” in any industry.

If your new to the networking world there are a couple of monthly events that you might want to check out. […]

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Search Engine Marketing for Local Companies

Believe it or not, a number one listing on Google doesn’t have the same effect as it did only a few short years ago. There are a couple of reasons for this including social media’s growing influence on search results, real time results and even the ability of the search engines to change their results based on your past behaviors….. […]

Sales & Networking

Stop Selling and Start Giving

The law of adding value is undeniable; people like to do things for people who have done something for them. Give first and your clients and prospects will be more likely to buy what you’re selling. […]