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Engage, educate, excite and evangelize

We recently asked some of the top industry experts to give us a couple examples of what a small business should be doing in the world of social media.

We asked  Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of the best selling book The Mirror Test, what should a small business owner do with social media?

“I believe in the four Es of engaging, educate, excite and evangelize. Small businesses must constantly monitor the conversations about them and their competitors, and that means making social media and the conversations it breeds a priority. These are opportunities to build communities around your product, even if it’s a niche and turn consumers into fans. I think the best thing small businesses can do is set aside time every day to listen, respond and encourage interaction through social media.”

“Also for social media, it’s about ROI – return on ignoring! What are you missing because you’re not there and what is competitor gaining because they are. In a small business, it’s about making the most of every opportunity to build the bottom line.”

-Jeffrey Hayzlett, is the author of the best selling book The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing?