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4 Networking Tips for Successful Business Networking

Networking is the cornerstone of any successful business. It’s also one of the most powerful & free tools that you have at your disposal.

Here are 4 Tips for Successful Business Networking

Be Patient

Too many salespeople go into a networking event with the mindset of selling every “prospect” that they meet. Building valuable business relationships doesn’t happen the first time you shake someone’s hand at an event. This is the wrong approach to take. Business relationships take time, and they take your continued effort to add value to the relationship.

Don’t be that guy who shows up at an event and rushes through the room trying to pitch anyone who will talk to him.

Get Real

Networking is about building trust and relationships, in doing so you need to be yourself. If your a shy person, don’t pretend to be the life of the party. Be yourself and have fun meeting people. Remember no one really wants to talk to the loud sales guy who babbles on endlessly, to begin with. Chance are that guy is not really being himself, but instead projecting some sort of image that he thinks will help him sell more.

Follow your Passions

I love going to after-hours networking events because I love to meet new people, but what’s really great about networking is going to events that tap into your passions. Look for events that relate to things that you like to do. From marketing seminars to wine tasting events or book clubs there are a number of different groups and events that can be a great change of pass from the average after-hours event.


Following up is probably one of the most neglected components of Networking… It’s also one of the most important. Following up is the key to building those valuable business relationships.

Just remember following up with someone you meet at a networking event isn’t just another opportunity to pitch that person. Instead, try to add something of value to your follow-up. Engage the person and really be interested in building a relationship that goes beyond just making a sale.