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How to get Business Testimonials from customers

Having and using customer testimonials is a great way to offer proof of your accomplishments. A Testimonial is the most powerful sales weapon you have. People can be very motivated by what their peers say.

Think about it this way, when you say things about yourself or your business, your prospects think of it as bragging. They wonder if what you are saying is really true. When someone else says it about you, it’s looked at as proof of what you can do. It helps to set your prospects mind at ease and makes the sales process that much easier.

The best kind of testimonial you can have is a video. A video testimonial allows you to bring your best customers with you, and it lets them do the bragging for you. This can be a very powerful motivating factor to potential prospects and can help you when trying to make a sale.

So how do you get testimonials?

  • ASK!!! – Pick up the phone and ask your best customers if they would like to do a video testimonial. Offer some kind of incentive for their time.
  • Invite a few of your best customers to lunch or cocktails after work, bring a video camera or crew with you to film your customers talking about your business.
  • Have a camcorder with you at all times. When delivering your product, ask your customer if they would mind doing a quick testimonial. You can buy a cheap camcorder for under $300.