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Your Papers Please: Is Biometric Testing/Tracking part of Sisolak’s Convention Reopening Scam

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After losing billions upon billions of dollars in lost convention and event revenue, it appears King Sisolak may start allowing some events to come back to Las Vegas. But in the details of the plan, it seems like this is just another ploy to push his mass-testing scam and surveillance tracking on the public.

Hours before the expected announcement, MGM released their reopening plan which included “optional” on-site rapid testing for people attending conventions and events. The funny thing is, when you read what is being planned it doesn’t seem so optional – after all, no corporation is spending money to put something in place that won’t be used.

Under MGM’s proposed “Convene with Confidence” plan, it seems biometric tracking, surveillance and testing are going to be a huge part of being able to attend a local convention.

These people are insane and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that MGM is playing a huge part in the rollout. It’s starting to make more sense now why Jim Murren left MGM to head up Sisolak’s COVID taskforce!

Want to enter a convention or event? Where are your digital papers?

MGM Resorts “safety plan” for meetings and conventions includes a “health screening process” using CLEAR’s Health Pass and utilizing on-site rapid, molecular COVID-19 testing.

“The health and safety of all who pass through our doors is our highest priority. Convene with Confidence represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned, cutting-edge technology and months of consultation with experts,” said MGM Resorts CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle. “With this program, we are taking another step forward in safely providing a level of entertainment, amenities and service not seen since before the pandemic began.”

According to the company, standard elements of “Convene with Confidence” include:

Planning: Virtual site inspections and careful pre-planning of event, meal and break times to safely optimize guest movement throughout meeting spaces. Various types of events offered include virtual, hybrid or in-person.

Arrival: Pre-registration provided in advance and digitally. Where registration desks and queuing are required, scheduling and physical distancing are implemented and clearly indicated. Cleaning and disinfecting: High touch points cleaned and disinfected regularly; single-use amenities disposed of daily; hand sanitizer available in high traffic areas. Mandalay Bay received accreditation by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a validation of its cleaning protocols.

Physical distancing: Facilities and floor plans adjusted to meet physical distancing requirements and evolve as needed.Dining and Break Refresh: Various styles of meal service offered, with an extended menu of pre-packaged options, distributed by servers and attendants.

OPTIONAL: Health Pass services utilizing rapid on-site testing: MGM Resorts is partnering with biometric secure identity company CLEAR to leverage its new Health Pass technology. Health Pass is a touchless product that links verified identity with COVID-19 health insights – including a real-time health questionnaire, COVID-related test results and temperature checks – via integrated kiosks. This process was utilized in the National Hockey League’s successful return to play at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Toronto and Edmonton.

The company says it is also deploying a rapid, portable, molecular, point-of-care COVID-19 test in conjunction with Impact Health, a provider of healthcare services for high-profile and high-volume events.

As part of its partnerships, MGM Resorts says it is offering an optional COVID-19 testing protocol that delivers results within approximately 20 minutes and allows event organizers to create a perimeter for their events and exhibitions.

According to the release, attendees at events utilizing this optional service take part in the following protocol:

CLEAR Health Pass Protocol

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Step One: Prior to the event, attendees are asked to download the CLEAR mobile app and set up their account. Their identity is verified by uploading an identifying document and snapping a quick selfie.

Step Two: Before entering the venue, attendees open the app, verify their identity with a selfie and answer a series of health survey questions.

Step Three: Upon arrival at the meeting or event, attendees are met by an Impact Health professional for on-site, rapid testing, with results expected within approximately 20 minutes. Users can access these results by securely linking their testing account to their Health Pass through the app.

Step Four: Attendees approach a kiosk, where they receive a temperature check and scan their QR code to share their health insights. Depending on their COVID-related health information and their recent test results, users are issued a red or green Health Pass on their app.

If the result is a green Health Pass, that information, combined with their event-specific ticket or credential, grants entrance into the event or conference.

If the result is a red Health Pass, MGM Resorts’ best-in-class response protocols are activated immediately for further testing, referral to care for the guest and consultation with local health authorities. Throughout the process, MGM Resorts receives confirmation a user has satisfied the requirements for access with the equivalent of a red light or green light signal.