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Haven’ t Submitted to Sisolak’s Tracking Scam? You Won’t be Able to Visit Ethel M’s Cactus Garden this Year

Ethel Ms Cactus Garden Holiday Light Display

For thousands of kids around the Las Vegas Valley, Christmas is going to be a little less bright thanks’ to Sisolak’s and Nevada democrat’s relentless COVID fear-mongering – of course, we can’t forget to blame the morons who are submitting to this bullshit and allowing this scam to continue.

Ethel M Cactus Garden Implements Reservation System to View Holiday Lights, then quickly announces all reservations are booked for holiday Cactus Garden this year!

Families hoping to get back to their normal holiday traditions received a major kick in the ass today after learning yet another yearly tradition has been stolen from them.

Earlier in the week, Ethel M’s Cactus Garden announced that they would require reservations (in other words, tracking your ass for Sisolak’s Contact Tracing scam) in order to visit the Cactus Garden this year. Just a couple of days later, they announced that if you didn’t submit to their tracking bullshit, it’s now too late, you are shit out of luck and will not be able to see the lights this year.

For those that did submit, hopefully, you are fully masked up to visit the OUTDOOR venue, because if not you are again shit out of luck and will be asked to leave. And don’t even think about wearing one of those plastic face shields – you know the ones people who have trouble breathing started wearing so they don’t die because of the face diaper – because the Gestapo says you are again, shit out of luck. All people wearing face shields will be required to wear a face mask under the shield.

But don’t worry, they have a virtual zoom event where they will sell your kids chocolate and allow them to stare at a screen and watch the lights like a bunch of fat little idiots stuffing their face full of crappy chocolate!

Merry Christmas Las Vegas!