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Wynn CEO Wants Mandatory Testing, Saliva Samples & Digital Tracking to Work or Attend Conventions & Shows in Las Vegas

Wynn CEO

On Tuesday, we wrote an article on how Sisolak, Jim Murren and MGMs top Brass were pushing mass Biometric Testing/Tracking as part of his reopening scam. Today, Wynn CEO Matt Maddox took the dystopian vision of Las Vegas a step further, writing an article for the wackos over at the Nevada Independent, pushing a Dystopian vision of Las Vegas where conventiongoers and workers were forced to submit to mass testing and surveillance to work or attend events in Las Vegas.

In his bizarre article, Maddox says Wynn is building an on-site laboratory that should be completed by Thanksgiving.  He claims, “Extensive research clearly indicates that what is keeping people away from Las Vegas is not so much the physical environment, which we work diligently to keep sterilized, but rather a fear of other people. We must alleviate that fear.”

No jackass, what’s keeping people away is we have open rioting, shooting, mass violence and large-scale fights on the strip and inside YOUR casino.

Here come the Digital Papers we warned you about.

In Maddox’s new Dystopian vision of Las Vegas, you will not only be required to submit saliva samples to work or attend events in Las Vegas, but similar to MGMs plan you will be required to have what amounts to a set of digital papers to move freely through our new city.

Maddox paints a picture of the future he is building, saying, “Imagine the following: Lionel Richie is playing at the Encore Theater at 7 p.m. Between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. that day, you and your friends each provide a saliva sample at our on-property testing centers. The barcodes are scanned and you download the free UMC app and go about your day. All the information is hosted by UMC and the data is private. When the test results come back at 6 p.m., a negative test triggers a green light on the app and you can attend the show. And because the same process will apply, you can also head into a securely populated convention the following morning.”

So while these insane control freaks do ZERO to limit the mass-violence taking place in their casinos, they will make normal freedom-living Americans submit to tracking, surveillance and giving up your bodily fluids to simply work or play in Las Vegas.

None of this was ever about a virus. This is about a bunch of maniacal control freaks trying to remake America and chip and barcode every human being via their cellphone.

The masks were simply a test to see what the public would submit to in order to have to go on with life.

Those conspiracy theorists that everyone looked down on for all those years are not looking so crazy anymore, are they? They didn’t have to physically chip you, they just assigned you a digital barcode through your phone that you will now need to gain entrance!