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WOKE Las Vegas Sherriff pledges to be more friendly to criminals!

Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill

Yesterday, Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill spent over half an hour talking about how he was going to inject humanity into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department and pledged to make officers stop using phrases like “problem neighborhoods,” “high crime areas,” and “persistent hot spots.”

So apparently, this jackass thinks ignoring the fact that crime is happening in these neighborhoods and forcing his police to use nicer words will stop murderers, rapists, and armed robbers from committing crimes.

“What you want to hear from me instead of hearing chronic persistent hot spot, problem neighborhoods, we’re going to start looking at them as vulnerable communities. Start looking at them as a way that we as a police department can go in there and have dramatic outcomes that are different than what it is that we’ve always had,” McHahill said during his State of the Department address.

After throwing his own officers under the bus, he then attacked them and other officers around the country when he showed videos of the criminal George Floyd and claimed that police being mean to these criminals was why recruitment was so low – NO jackass, recruitment is low because no one wants to work for a Sherriff who bans his officers from doing the work they need to do to keep us safe.

McMahill took time to praise the criminal drug addict George Floyd and played a memorial video for the drug addict. At the same time, he defended the local protestors who created chaos throughout Las Vegas. McMahill attacked police officers claiming that George Floyd would be alive had the police been more humane. “This is about injecting humanity in the way that we treat one another because if we don’t get it right internally, we are never going to get it right externally,” he said. “We have to change the way we act and react.”

He then played a video that mentioned how race played a role in the beating death of Tyre Nichols, without ever once mentioning that the police who beat him were black officers who were hired because of the affirmative action hiring processes that he is attempting to implement in Las Vegas.

There have already been 17 murders this year, a series of high-profile casino robberies – the suspects have never been caught – 3,225 aggravated assaults, 6,830 property crimes, and 169 sexual assaults… but let’s tell these scumbags that we care, and let’s give them words of encouragement as they plunder our homes.

One would think that with numbers like these, our new Sherriff would have been talking about making more arrests and cracking down on the people who are terrorizing our city… Nope we get injecting humanity and diversity into policing instead. But wait, he did have a bigger plan.

One of his significant initiatives, besides making the police more diverse, was no more wool pants and allowing officers to grow beards! Seriously, instead of talking about throwing criminals in prison, he focused on idiotic shit like the fashion of police officers and the comfort of their pants.

You can watch the entire address here:


  1. You’re a fucking idiot. If you can do better get a job with the Department then work your way up the chain. You fucking morons and your idiotic use of ‘woke’. You wouldn’t know ‘woke’ if it slapped you upside your low IQ head.

    • No smith your the “fucking idiot” and a coward. You have no problem with other people being discriminated against for the benefit of others. You’re a coward just like mcmahill. Enough is enough of this “identity” bullshit. This country has gone to hell because of nitwits like you..so fuck off. Look at the circus in D.C trannies, gays, cross-dressers…you deserve with coward mcmahill the new douche bag at the top of metro.

    • Oh, and by the way…douche macmahill promotes a person to Assistant Sheriff, because that person has a vagina. Great…isn’t it. So much for equality. jerry keller has been re-born.

  2. I second the “You’re a Fucking Idiot” comment. Crawl back under the rock you came out from. Being humane is “woke”? Moron. Right wing scum.

  3. Criminals deserve to be treated like humans as well when they are restrained. You don’t excessively beat them to death when they are not fighting your or purposely shut off oxygen to their brain if they are already restrained.

  4. When writers stoop to using cuss words to emphasize their opinion, it is clear they are not intelligent and thus their opinions are invalid. It is more of a personal attack than any kind of well thought out argument. Right wing or left wing; doesn’t really matter, both are void of value when presenting extreme positions in this manner.

  5. 32 year old illegal from Guatemala who allegedly stabbed 2 people to death on Vegas strip was found incompetent to stand trial. 100 grand a year for 40 years? Millions!

  6. My real estate agent’s husband had a small commercial property downtown. These are very modest people just trying to earn a living working VERY hard! It was TOTALED in the BLM riots in Downtown Las Vegas. They did more damage than it was worth – They ruined his livelihood. And the new Sheriff praises this??!! An officer was shot and this guy praises this stuff. Glad I got out and moved far away!

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