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Wizard World Comic-Con Takes over Las Vegas

Wizard World Comic-Con in Las vegas

We cover a lot of conventions here in Las Vegas, but nothing quite as whimsical as the Wizard World Convention.

Wizard World is a three day comic and pop culture convention that brings together everyone from die-hard comic book fans and cosplay enthusiasts, to local Las Vegas kids and parents who want to see the latest comic industry attractions, memorabilia and stars of film, television, and the world of comics.

Action from the moment you walk in the door…

When you’re greeted by a Storm Trooper, the moment you walk into the Las Vegas Convention Center, you know this isn’t your average Las Vegas Trade Show.

Comic-Con Star Wars Lightsaber battleFollow that up with walking in on an epic lightsaber battle and you know you’re in for a good day!

From seeing the latest movie props and comic memorabilia, to meeting your favorite movies stars and childhood icons, the Wizard World convention is a comic book nerd’s paradise.

Stormtooper Helmet from the Star Wars Movies

But comics an pop culture products aren’t the main attraction…

Most of the people I talked to at Wizard World said that the greatest thing about the show was not the comics, not being able to buy one of a kind memorabilia, or not even seeing their favorite celebrity stars; the one thing almost everyone loved about the show was the camaraderie, and the ability to be with other people who shared their love for everything comic related.

Comic Fans at Wizard World in Las Vegas

People walking the show at Comic-Con in Las Vegas

But for those who really love their comics, it gets even better…

For those who aren’t satisfied with just watching or reading about their favorite comic book characters, Wizard World is the place to be for Cosplay. One of the highlights of this year’s show was the Cosplay Awards.

Wizard World Cosplay Action

Cosplay at Comic-Con Star Wars BB-8 Cosplay

The Top Cosplay at Wizard World in Las VegasThe Cosplay winners at Comic-Con in Las Vegas

Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, someone who loves talking about how Marvel is far superior to D.C. (which it of course is!), or just a parent who wants to share a weekend of awesomeness with their kids, Wizard World is quite the experience — one you don’t want to miss when it comes back to Las Vegas in 2017.