Home Gaming Westgate and Resorts World Mandate COVID vaccination for employees.

Westgate and Resorts World Mandate COVID vaccination for employees.

Westgate Las Vegas

On Friday, two Las Vegas resorts announced that they will require their employees to take the COVID vaccination in order to stay employed.

Both the Westgate and Resorts world have resorted to imposing medical tyranny on their workforce, forcing people to choose between feeding their families or injecting themselves with a government experiment that has done nothing to stop people from contracting the COVID virus, spreading the virus, or even dying from the so-called pandemic.

Westgate CEO David Seigel told staff in a memo that they will be required to show proof of vaccination by October 15th in order to keep their job.

The delusional madman Siegel actually almost died from COVID earlier in the year, but oddly like the rest of the vaccine cult refuses to admit the vaccine was ineffective and still promotes the useless shot that did nothing from landing him in the hospital with pneumonia.

“Westgate is not the first major company to make this decision, and we will not be the last,” Siegel said. “Vaccines are the single greatest tool we have for ending this pandemic, keeping ourselves and our families safe and returning life back to normal.”

The 86-year-old resort magnate ended with, “This is the first step and I ask you to join me. Frankly, had I not been vaccinated, it would not be me asking you to get the vaccine today.”

Resorts World announced similar draconian policies, requiring all new hires to take the COVID vaccination as a condition of employment.

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