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Wannabe Dictator Governor of Nevada Threatens Nevadans with More Lockdowns


You can’t walk into a store in Nevada without seeing 99.99% of the people wearing the compliance masks, yet the POS governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, a guy too stupid to run an HOA, is now threatening to impose more unconstitutional lockdowns and restrictions at his latest press conference today.

If Nevadans don’t help limit the spread of coronavirus, the state is going to impose more stringent restrictions on businesses and gatherings, Gov. Steve Sisolak said today.

“The public needs to understand that if we don’t step up together and follow all health measures, that hard decisions lie ahead,” he said.

If masks work, why would the numbers still be going up.

Despite the fact that the numbers are complete bullshit — even the liberal New York Times says 90% of Nevada’s tests contain so little virus that positives are not contagious and don’t have enough virus to get sick – isn’t it time we start asking if the masks are helping spread the disease?

Next time you’re out and about, just watch how many times the average numbnuts adjusts their compliance masks – then hands you your groceries, brings you your food, touches doors and spreads his mask mucus!

Sisolak’s Lockdown have now killed more school kids than COVID!

What wasn’t addressed at today’s press conference is the news that thanks to the lockdowns, suicides between students is becoming a major concern in Nevada. In fact, in the last 6 weeks three suicides involving CCSD students have been reported and “The number of psychiatric hospitalizations have increased substantially,” Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs told News 3.

Throughout the country these lockdown policies seem to be contributing to a huge rise in teenage suicides.

And when they try to convince you that average yearly deaths are up, and then try to blame it on COVID…

They are slowly sucking the life out of people and are likely spreading even more disease with their idiotic mask policies! But hey, they don’t care! They are not the ones suffering; them and their cronies in Silicon Valley and Wall Street are making Record Profits! They love the Lockdowns!

But we all know what this is, they need to kick up the fear right before election day. He also needs to keep it going to help his buddy Jim Murren implement his COVID Pass scam where everyone will need a digital barcode to work or attend events and conventions on the strip!