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Venetian and Palazzo tells Vaccinated Employees they MUST wear Masks.

Venetian Resorts

It seems the cards are all falling into place today for another round of COVID tyranny. Just moments after the Southern Nevada Health District announced that all unvaccinated and vaccinated people in Nevada should again start wearing masks indoors, we started getting reports from employees at local casinos telling us that they received word that mask mandates were being discussed by upper management.

At the Venetian, employees were told today that all workers, including those who took the vaccination because they were told they would get their freedom back, will once again be required to strap on the compliance masks.

The Memo Read:

“In response to new recommendations from the Southern Nevada Health District, we now require that all Team Members (vaccinated or not) wear company-issued face masks while working in indoor public spaces, and in indoor areas where people congregate,” Venetian public relations executive Keith Salwoski said. “In addition, we have revised our signs posted at public entrances to share this new SNHD recommendation. Complimentary face masks are available to our guests at Front Desks, Grazie Desks, and Concierge Desks.”

This comes two days after a sperate internal memo went out telling unvaccinated workers that they would segregated when entering and have to submit to daily health screenings.

SANDS Surge Memo

We have also been told that upper-management may soon require anyone attending a convention at the Venetian to wear a mask as well!

Sea of Plexi at the Venetian
The Venetian & Palazzo are both still holding on hard to the scam, in fact, both Casinos are still a virtual sea of useless plexiglass.

The news comes as a number of Casinos started making employees pay for weekly COVID testing, and told all unvaccinated employees that they would have to quarantine at home with no pay if they were exposed to COVID. In fact, MGM released a memo telling employees to snitch on their co-workers if they believed they had been around another person with COVID! And according to our sources at the Cosmopolitan, pressure on unvaccinated employees is so high right now to take the jab that they have started making them pay for their own testing every 3 days!

Door to Door Vaccine FEMA surge response teams arrive in Vegas!

This morning, we confirmed that FEMA surge response teams are now on the ground at UNLV, and will begin going door to door this weekend to harass those who have not taken the vaccine!