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Vegas Pride Festival to Feature Proud & Kinky Acts next to Kid’s Zone! Sponsored by MGM, Caesars, Bud Light & Jack Daniels

Las Vegas Pride Festival 2023

The upcoming 2023 Las Vegas PRIDE Festival in North Las Vegas this October has taken a sick and twisted turn, with organizers shamelessly promoting a space called Proud & Kinky right next to a designated Kids Zone and Queer Teens area. This disturbing association between innocent children and the explicit adult sexual activities promoted by Proud & Kinky is deeply concerning and should not be tolerated.

PROUD & Kinky says they cater to the queer kink community, focusing on alternative lifestyles within the LGBQTIA2S+ spectrum – whatever the hell that is. Their mission, as they assert, is to foster sex positivity and embrace various forms of fetishism, bondage, sado-masochism, and more. Jennifer Howe, the magazine’s publisher and a Board Member of Las Vegas PRIDE, unapologetically advocates for this lifestyle, targeting individuals involved in leather, domination, fetishism, voyeurism – and now kids!

The event also has an area called “Pride Pets” which insiders tell us has less to do with people who have pets, and more to do with people who have an animal kink.

What is even more outrageous is the sponsorship and endorsement of this event by prominent sponsors such as Cox Cable, MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, the Sahara Casino, Jack Daniels, Bud Light, and even the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation. It is beyond disgusting and downright disheartening to see these well-known companies and organizations lending their support to an event that aims to groom children into a lifestyle of perversion and explicit adult content.

The presence of Proud & Kinky in close proximity to the Kids Zone and the Teen area at Craig Ranch Regional Park is beyond disturbing and unacceptable. This deliberate and targeted campaign to destroy the innocence and well-being of children calls into question the morality and judgment of the festival organizers, the City of North Las Vegas, and every single sponsor show that is paying for and promoting the event.


Las Vegas Pride Festival 2023 - Red Sponsors
Las Vegas Pride Festival 2023 - Orange Sponsors
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Las Vegas Pride Festival 2023 - Pet Sponsors
Las Vegas Pride Festival 2023 - Pets Big Fish Sponsors

On top of promoting body mutilation, Las Vegas Pride and their Magazine Proud & Kinky also promotes so-called “pet play” and BEASTIALITY. These are some of the people from the “Las Vegas Pup Coalition” that the magazine writes about and promotes and will be exposing children to during the so-called “PRIDE” event. These images are pulled directly from their magazine…

The disturbing news comes as Nevada Democrats just pushed an amendment that would impose a fine of $5,000 per day on school boards that attempt to restrict boys from accessing girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and participating in girls’ sports. A week earlier, Democrat Clark County Commissioners Tick Segerblom and Ross Miller along with UNLV threw a rave in a shopping center filled with multiple gay sex clubs, swingers’ sex clubs, and bars that openly allow gay prostitution — then they invited kids to the event and set up swings near the swingers club for them to play on. 

This is Vegas, and we have zero problems with grown adults choosing to go to whatever sex events they choose, but when you start targeting our children, we are going to start fighting back! The line must be drawn when it comes to exposing impressionable young minds to adult themes and sexual content.


  1. Great more places to boycott..There are other cable companies…hmm only one power company for now…many casinos…

  2. These companies are portfolios of companies. An umbrella with layer upon layer of paper corporations – controlled by a board of directors etc with majority share owners being the real owners or controlling interest.

    For example Uni-lever …

    They are backed by banks buying up everything in sight. And somehow it’s not a monopoly or violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust act.

    It’s difficult to know, if people who support LGBT know the statistics and actual lifestyle of these people. Half of them have 500-1000+ partners, most are anonymous, without protection. frequently occurring in public restrooms, highway rest stops, wooded park areas, etc. AIDS came from beastiality through male homosexuals and bi-sexual men who spread it into the heteroseuxal population. Many historians believe ALL current/future STDS come through this route. It does not originate in the straight population.

    LGBT was considered a mental disorder and they were put into hospitals prior to all this we see today. You can go into the mental issues, drug abuse, shortened lifespan, suicide rates, and other things overwhemingly associated with LGBT. LGBT has preceded the FALL of civilizations – never it’s rise. Most people just don’t know the truth. They are totally oblivious.

    I don’t know how you get this information out to them. But watching “THE GIFT” documentary on You Tube (before they censor it) is a good start. I could not watch the entire documentary shut it off and wanted to puke.

    The truth about it will radically change peoples perception about LGBT. You will not look at your gay uncle the same way if you knew the truth – that there is a 90% chance he is a pedo, has anonymous sex with over 1000 strangers, in multiple towns states locations .. is filled with HIV-AIDS + multiple STDS which are kept in check only by modern miracle medical drugs.

    And these drugs are allowing STD’s to evolve into super STD’s etc. That is the truth about LGBT and what it brings.

    Do not watch “THE GIFT” documentary – you will puke.

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