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Vegas Goes Mad Max: ‘Sideshows’ take over Streets & Intersections Causing Violence and Chaos

It’s a bizarre and growing trend here in Las Vegas, gangs of morons blocking off and taking over entire intersections throughout Las Vegas. It seems to be an almost weekly occurrence, that started picking up during the height of the shutdowns. These impromptu parties can last for almost an hour before Metro even shows up.

Last night at least two of these events were reported throughout the valley, one on the intersection  of Polaris and Twain and the second event, which even featured fireworks as idiots took over the intersection, was on Cactus and Rainbow.

Sideshows Invade the Streets of Las Vegas

We first started reporting on the trend last year. Originating in the Bay Area — mostly in the ghettos of Oakland– so-called “sideshows” are events where morons who think they are in a Fast & Furious movie shut down busy public intersections and perform car stunts such as donuts, burnouts, and drifts. These events routinely end in violence and gun fire.


Las Vegas is starting to look more and more like the Los Angeles & Oakland Ghettos!

These types of events are pretty common throughout the Ghettos of L.A. and Oakland, in fact they are an almost nightly occurrence. Here is one in L.A. from earlier in the week — coming soon to a Vegas Intersection near your home.