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Vax Mandate Killed CES: Attendance & Exhibitors Down Over 70%

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With just a few weeks until the annual Consumer Electronics Show, it seems that mandating vaccinations for people to attend a show filled with shitty Chinese goods may not have been the best idea.

According to our sources at CES, event organizers are struggling to bring in exhibitors and attendees, as well over half of the show’s regulars have refused to sign up for a show that medically segregates and bans the unvaccinated from doing business.

CES usually brings in over 4,500 exhibitors and close to 180,000 attendees. According to our sources, with less than two weeks until the show, CES has only managed to secure 1,700 exhibitors, and attendance is expected to be down by as much as 70%.

Earlier in the year, the Sisolak administration and the LVCVA pushed CES to ban all unvaccinated people from the show. Soon after they announced that proof of COVID-19 vaccination would be required before attendees can pick up their badges.

US attendees will use the CLEAR Health Pass app to upload their proof of vaccination and generate a QR code to access their badges. “We’re still working on the international part,” CTA’s SVP of marketing and communications, Jean Foster says, “but essentially, if you have a vaccination that’s approved by WHO and the US, there’ll be a third-party app that will validate your proof of vaccination and give you a green check-mark.” 

On top of banning all unvaccinated people from the event, attendees will still have to wear compliance masks at all CES events and CES officials are telling people to make sure they get their “booster shots” before leaving home for CES.

The ban on unvaccinated visitors is expected to cause a $150 million lose to the local economy.