Home News Useless Governor Sisolak Refused to Give a Date for Reopening Nevada

Useless Governor Sisolak Refused to Give a Date for Reopening Nevada


In a press conference plagued by audio troubles, people talking over each other, and so-called “experts” who could not even figure out how to use a fucking microphone correctly, the useless governor of Nevada refused to give the public a date on when we could expect to see him reopen Nevada. The guy crashed our economy and did not even bother to come up with a plan to reopen before closing our state, killing small businesses, and doing long-term damage to Las Vegas.

Sisolak announced a framework for reopening the state’s economy that provided:

  • no plan
  • no answers
  • no information for small businesses
  • no date for casinos to reopen
  • no date for anything
  • and no hope to the community.

He did manage to tell us that we are in phase zero, while then saying he had no idea how and when we would get to phase 1 — you cannot make this shit up! This is who is leading Nevada!

What we did learn from our useless governor:

  • Schools will not reopen the rest of the semester
  • He did, while wearing no mask himself, lecture the public on the need to wear masks.
  • Bars and restaurants will not likely reopen for a long ass time, since Mr. Hope stated he could not see them being able to safely reopen anytime soon.

Not one of the useless “reporters” had the balls to ask him how he could ban gatherings of over 10 people, and lecture people on the need to wear masks, while allowing more than 10 people in the room, NONE of them wearing masks.

Almost 40% of the Vegas workforce is in retail, leisure and hospitality and this guy can’t even give them an answer on when they can get back to work or expect to see a paycheck!

The state has seen under 4,000 infections, yet this guy refuses to open our economy for a virus that most experts are now saying is no more deadly than the regular flu.