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UNLV Using Pandemic to Convince your Kids Everything is Racist!


Can you imagine being in the middle of a Pandemic that is supposedly so deadly that you need to wear multiple masks and close down the economy for a year, but for some weird reason your college is more concerned with how the pandemic is affected by racism???


The morons of the world never miss a chance to tie everything back to WOKE Social Justice bullshit, trying to blame everyone’s problems on some perceived injustice that must be the thing that is causing their life to suck. Instead of lifting people up, and actually helping them succeed, it seems it’s easier to convince everyone they are a victim and instill in them a lifetime of victimhood mentality.

Shifting the Anger from UNLV’s Year Long Shutdown to Let’s BLAME RACISM!

While the vast majority of UNLV students are still unable to actually be in-person on campus and are being forced to pay more fees to attend “online learning” courses, UNLV is busy trying to shift the focus away from their yearlong shutdown, by convincing students that everything can be tied back to how racist people are!

You can’t make this shit up!

UNLV has started a series of talks called, Hate Uncycled: What’s on your mind?

Instead of trying to get students back on campus — students who are in an age group that according to “official” COVID numbers have not been affected by the virus – UNLV is spending all sorts of money trying to convince students that everything that is happening can somehow be tied back to racism.

According to UNLV,

“Hate Uncycled: What’s on your mind?” is a series of campus conversations showcasing how UNLV and its students, faculty, staff and alumni are engaging with and responding to some of today’s most pressing issues. The series will cover a range of topics, including the effects of racism on public health, indigenous and land justice, and the First Amendment and policing. The series is organized by the College of Liberal Arts and the offices of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Diversity Initiatives, and Student Diversity and Social Justice in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League and the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada.

The subject of this week’s townhall was, you guessed it “Health, COVID-19, Community Engagement and Social Justice. Cause again, none of this is about an actual virus!!!

But wait, there’s more!!!

Don’t miss next week’s revolutionary UNLV health townhall entitled, “Understanding Anti-Racism in a Pandemic”.

The subject of next week’s townhall, Understanding Anti-Racism in a Pandemic, will, according to UNLV, “examine ways in which structural racism has further marginalized and disadvantaged people from a myriad of identity groups. Participants will also discuss a path forward to address these inequities within the UNLV campus community.”

WHAT THE FUCK???? How exactly does this stop COVID?

Clown World

Pay no attention to the fact that most students are still not allowed back on campus, and ignore the fact that UNLV kicked students out of their dorms over a virus that doesn’t affect their age group – many of whom were minority students – no the problem is RACISM!

It seems UNLV is following a set program, one that is being pushed at colleges throughout the country, to shift the focus away from a virus that has no affect on college students to using the so-called pandemic as another tool to push social justice learning and in the end, CONTROL OVER YOUR THOUGHTS!

Hell, just look at this nifty little Rap video that colleges around the country are starting to send to students to convince them that getting the vaccine is somehow an issue of racial justice and unity — in other words, if you don’t take the shot you are a racist who is against UNITY!

Here it is from Columbia University’s YouTube Page.