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Two more Las Vegas Monkeypox cases in politically protected group! SNHD is Refusing to admit how it spreads!

Despite both the CDC and the World Health Organization admitting that the Monkeypox outbreak is being spread by gay men at gay sex clubs and on gay sex apps like Grindr, our local health officials are refusing to tell the public that two more GAY men have contracted the virus and are putting the entire valley at risk.

Instead, local officials are just saying that two more “men,” one in his 30s and the other in his 50s, have contracted the virus. While they refuse to give more details, our sources say that, like every other case in the world, these cases can also be connected back to either illegal gay sex clubs or anonymous sex apps and the disgusting behaviors these men engaged in.

PRIDEPOX: Clark County Democrats refuse to close Illegal Gay Sex Clubs to stop Transmission, Despite closing your business over a cold!

Despite Clark County now confirming four cases in “MEN”, The Southern Nevada Health District and the Nevada democrats who run the county — the same ones who destroyed our economy over a cold — are refusing to close down the illegal gay sex clubs that almost all health officials admit are the reason the virus is spreading!

They are also refusing to do contract tracing, because then they would have to admit that these gay sex clubs and gay cruising spots not only exist, but are allowed to illegally operate by the Nevada democrat party.

Local Media Not telling public how it is being spread!

While local media refused to report on it, we warned that PRIDE month events would bring the virus to the valley when we reported the gruesome details of how this outbreak started at a gay sex orgy event where 80,000 degenerates gathered to have sex with other men and animals. More than 1,300 cases of the viral disease have been reported by about 30 countries since the outbreak at the gay sex festival. Almost all of the cases have been reported in men who have sex with men.

We warned it would likely hit Las Vegas via the gay bathhouses that our county allows to illegally operate.

While the mainstream media refuses to cover it, health officials say GAY PRIDE events are making the situation worse. In the UK, where a large number of gay men are being infected every day, Dr Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Adviser for the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA), urged people – especially men who have sex with men – to be alert to symptoms.

She said: “Because the virus spreads through close contact, we are urging everyone to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service if they have any symptoms. “

CDC issues bizarre guidance for having sex with monkeypox!

You really can’t make this up!!!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month issued a list of safe activities for sexually active patients to engage in. Among the recommendations are avoiding kissing and “having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present.” They told Americans who think they might have been exposed to monkeypox that they should take precautions like masturbating 6 feet apart from their partner to prevent the spread of the virus.


  1. Why is this allowed. The commercial center on Sahara is disease and crime central. The owners knowingly rent to criminals who run illegal bars like the one that got shot up and almost everyone in there is running and underground illegal business. Shit most don’t even hide it they openly run these illegal sex clubs and have prostitutes and sex trafficking organizations everywhere.

    Democrats protect them. You should do a story on how the airport viewing area just opened after being shutdown for a year and is already filled with sextoys and needles on the ground. It’s a known gay sex crusing drug spot, but the city pretends you should take your kids there.

  2. Health district spokeshole was on knpr giving double talk – said it could spread by “dancing close” . Said that you need an active rash, but then said towels and linens could spread it. Same lies that we heard about aids in SF Bay Area in 80s

  3. Go to Twitter and just look at the people who are getting vaxxed for this, then look up what the people in the lines look like.

    The lines for Monkeypox vaccinations highlight how disgusting and disturbed certain segments of the population (FAGS) really are! Hundreds of emaciated, disease-riddled homos all double COVID-vaxxed & wearing masks while refusing to wear condoms or stopping the vile behavior that is causing their newest plague!

    Seriously, if you can stand it then look at the people who are infected or getting the vax. thier entire twitter profiles are made up of them bragging about doing the most vile shit eating crap you can image — yes, that is actually what many of them are doing. Beyond that calling themselves human urinals, bragging about orgies with dozens, even hundreds of people in one night.

    These sick bastards are a plague on our society.

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