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Today’s Mask Directives & Casino Mandates coming directly from Sisolak’s Office

Throughout the day, a flood of COVID doom news has taken over the local airways, with local media bloggers and news personalities, all of whom are working in league with Sisolak’s office, claiming doom is in the air — shouting that we must mask up in order to stop the so-called pandemic that is now being blamed on the “unvaccinated”.

While the media would like you to believe that this is all one big coincidence, that the Southern Nevada Health District just happened to release a new directive telling vaccinated people that they need to start wearing masks indoors as a host of local casino giants started penalizing workers who had not taken the vaccine and pushing their own internal mask mandates, we have a Sands memo from July 14th showing that this was all being coordinated through the Governor’s office.

It seems the rash of COVID stories being pushed by certain “locally twitter accounts” and the propagandists in our local news media over the last couple of days came directly from the Governor’s office!

Sands Surge Memo

This is all part of the next wave of fear; we are being told there are serious talks about reinstating many of the capacity mandates on small business owners. It seems the Casinos are just getting ahead of this so they will yet again be protected as small business owners are forced into shutting down and going bankrupt yet again!

There is some fear within the Sisolak reelection campaign that if he takes direct action it could hurt his chances of being reelected; so instead, they are working behind the scenes using the Casinos and his buddies on the Clark County Commission to do the dirty work! They are going to claim that it’s private businesses that are enacting these mandates, even though behind the scenes his office is threatening them to do so!

Earlier today, Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones issued a vailed threat to those who have not complied with the vaccine propaganda, telling people to “get it done already. We can’t afford to go backwards.”