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The Ghettoization of Las Vegas: Another Shooting on Fremont Street Last Night

Fremont Street Vegas

If you’re thinking about coming to Vegas, don’t – Nevada democrats have turned us into a third-world hellhole where you will likely be assaulted, robbed, or killed! This is not a pleasant thing to say when we run businesses that depend on tourist money, but unlike some lying local bloggers and journalists who are PAID to tell you it’s safe, we are not going to lie to people – VEGAS IS NOT SAFE!

Last night, there was yet another fight and shooting on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

While local media and police say a fight broke out between at two men in the area of 4th Street and Fremont Street last night around 12:40 a.m., our sources tell us that 10-15 gang members were involved in a huge fight and robbery before the shooting started. Several Casinos went into lockdown mode, and panicked police officers and casino security guards could be seen freaking out and running from the shooter. Unfortunately, despite all the cameras on Fremont and in the casinos, the shooter yet again got away from Las Vegas Police and is on the loose.

This follows a shooting last week, where a 16-year-old gang member who was let out of prison by our corrupt district attorney shot and killed someone right outside Binion’s Casinos in full view of tourists – a tourist was even hit in the crossfire!

Sadly, like every other night in the Democrat-run city of Las Vegas, this wasn’t even the only shooting. Just down the road, on Maryland and East Sahara Avenue, a man was shot outside a marijuana dispensary.  We would have reported on these shootings while they were happening last night, but we were suspended from Twitter for talking about this exact area and reporting on the illegal gay sex clubs and human trafficking in the Commercial Center District on Maryland and Sahara. Apparently, the businesses that promote human trafficking are allowed on Twitter, but talking to people about what’s actually happening is now HATE SPEECH!

But wait, there’s more. Around the same time last night, there was a third shooting. Police fatally shot a man last night near the 900 block of North Bruce Street, near East Washington Avenue, after finding a woman who had been fatally stabbed and a man holding an “edged weapon.”

The night before, a woman shot and killed a homeless POS outside of a 7-eleven  at 1601 W. Oakey Blvd., near Western Avenue and east of Interstate 15. According to police, her boyfriend, 42, got into an argument with a homeless drug addict while she was in the store. During the fight, the homeless drug addict stabbed the boyfriend. The woman witnessed the stabbing, pulled out a gun, and shot the drug addict.  

Nightly Chaos Throughout Las Vegas

While certain Locally and Vital Vegas bloggers are paid big money from the city and the casinos to lie to tourists and pretend Las Vegas is safe, the facts tell a different story. Night after night, people are being assaulted, robbed, and sadly even killed throughout Las Vegas. Oddly, it’s become somewhat of a tourist attraction for ghetto scumbags who are coming here specifically to party and live stream the chaos — that they see as a new form of entertainment.

This is the Las Vegas the local media and democrat politicians don’t want you to know about!

And here are just a handful of the stories we have reported on since the start of the year.


  1. This is not a political problem so don’t blame the Democrats or the Republicans because nothing would be different if we had a Republican Running the State. This has to do with your Sheriff Joe Lombardo not Policing.

    • It has a lot to do with politics, you fucking dumb ass. Lefty prosecutors and lefty corrupt officials let them do what they want without repercussions. Soros bankrolls a lot of that bullshit!

  2. Do not blame anyone except these kids parent’s, who they are mentally/emotionally or who they choose to hang out with. Obviously, the government cant police everyone that comes to Vegas. They need to ban these purps for life so people know not to play games in Vegas.

  3. Sisolak was on the Brian Shapiro. Pushing the limit radio show. 1400 AM HE WAS not asked about crime. He was boot licked. By Brian – who’s lib radio career is on the ropes. Sisolak s wife came out to scene of car crash metro said was caused by Sisolak. She removed “trash “. What was th trash?? Diapers or beer came. or both.???

  4. Why don’t shut the hell up and stop politicizing this. Has nothing to do if your a democrat or republican. The majority of this fight are by people that come out of state. They think that they can act any way they want to.

  5. Racist, is Highland Park a ghetto? Why are you calling people scum? And don’t forget your MAGA hat on the way out…

    • Highland park was done by a democrat socialist who was part of antifa, but I’m sure you don’t now that cause CNN hasn’t told you what to think yet. Not sure if that would be called ghetto, he looked more like your typical gender confused democrat homo

  6. I don’t understand the opening sentence to this article. How is it a democrat problem when the Mayor or the city is a conservative independent and the Sheriff is currently running for Governor as a Republican. I think this is a headline in search of a story.

  7. This isn’t an overly complicated, over-arching issue. Andrew Simon, head of FSE, has simply been complacent regarding security measures. Metal detector checkpoints, with ID scanners, should’ve been reinstalled after there was a shooting 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t take a genius to know that there would be increased traffic during July 4th weekend. This never happened under Patrick Hughes watch over Fremont Street.

  8. just more beaners thinking its still fucking mexico dumb ass wetbacks we should deport all the taco speaking fucks back to their spic chinese speaking shit hole country

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