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Taxpayer Funded Smith Center to Require Proof of Vaccine

Smith Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Las Vegas

Today, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Las Vegas announced they will require proof of being vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the venue.

On their website, they say that guests must show proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and must wear masks at all times in the venue. Kids under the age of 12 would be forced to submit to a COVID test and provide a negative test result before being able to watch a concert or theater event at the Smith Center.

The Smith Center resides on taxpayer land and was built with taxpayer dollars. According to the Smith Center, “The city of Las Vegas provides land, infrastructure, environmental clean-up, and parking. The city of Las Vegas, Clark County and State Legislature collaborated on a car rental fee that resulted in a bond of $105 million. The City commitment totals $170 million.”

Back in October of 2020, The Las Vegas City Council approved $1.8 million in emergency funds for the Smith Center, in what they say was “pandemic relief.”

The news comes as a number of concert venues and major events in Las Vegas have announced that they will now ban unvaccinated people from being able to go about normal life. Yesterday,  AEG Presents, the company that operates The Theatre at Resorts World and the Theater at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, announced that it will ban unvaccinated people from entry into its owned and operated clubs, theatres, and festivals.

RULES FOR THEE UPDATE: An employee at the Smith Center has informed us that even though they are requiring all attendees to be vaccinated, not all of the employees are. In fact, the Smith Center could not keep enough of their current employees on the job with an employee mandate, so they are requiring employees who are not vaccinated to take weekly tests. The are also not requiring performers or any of the what the employee describes as “famous people” to be vaccinated or even provide a negative COVID test before they perform at the Smith Center.

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