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Steve Sisolak to Require Mandatory Vaccination for all College Students

In a press conference with our tyrant Governor, Steve Sisolak, the wannabe Dictator, announced that he is working with his COVID taskforce to implement another set of emergency directives that will require every college student in Nevada to be fully vaccinated before they will be allowed back on campus.

Jim Murren’s COVID Taskforce has already signed off on it!

He is literally looking at forcing students who are at ZERO risk of dying from this virus to take an experimental vaccine to be able to get an education in the State of Nevada. Remember, not a single college student in Nevada has died of COVID since this so-called pandemic started and only 36 people under the age of 30 have died from COVID, and almost every one of those people had multiple other health problems that contributed to their death.

CDC Chart showing all NEVADA COVID deaths by age group since the start of the so-called pandemic started.

When will WE THE PEOPLE say enough?

Every time you willingly walk into a store with a mask on your face, you are helping this tyrant push even more oppressive mandates on our state. Until the public says enough, and people stop listening to these unconstitutional mandates this is never going to stop. Remember, these ARE NOT LAWS, you cannot be arrested for going into a grocery store without a mask. The worst thing they can do is ask you to leave!

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