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Steve Sisolak Mocks Public, ignores his own Stay at Home 2.0 Proclamation to dine at Restaurant

Sisolak eating out

After demanding Nevada residents stay at home for the next two weeks, telling us we have to stop going out into public and instead order our food via delivery, King Sisolak mocked the public, taking his fat ass to a local Las Vegas restaurant in violation of his own Stay at Home 2.0 Proclamation.

Remember, this is the guy who two days ago said to order curbside from your favorite restaurant and not to leave your home or sit inside a restaurant. But don’t take our word on it, take his….

Sisolak eating out in violation of stay at home order

No wonder he demanded us “bloggers” stop reporting on what he is doing!

Update: The local media is making excuses for the Governor’s hypocrisy claiming this is an old picture, basically calling the restaurant owner a liar, despite the restaurant’s original post saying it was from after Sisolak’s Stay at Home 2.0 Proclamation… All the photos have magically vanished from the Restaurant’s social media pages – it seems they have been ordered to take them down! Good thing we took screenshots!