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Spineless Nevada Republicans Apologize to Gay Senator for Constituents Being Against CRT and Groomers in Public Schools

Radical BLM Activist Senator Dallas Harris - Nevada
Radical BLM Activist Senator Dallas Harris - Nevada

In the latest example of Nevada Republicans bowing down like spineless pussies to the left-wing WOKE mob, the Nevada Senate Republicans have issued an apology on behalf of all republicans because one of their Constituents wrote “No more CRT [Critical Race Theory] or LGBTQIA+ in our schools” on a valentine’s day card.

You really can’t make this shit up!

On Valentine’s Day, Sen. Dallas Harris (D-Las Vegas), received a string of red and white paper hearts with handwritten messages from school choice advocates, who had earlier gathered to rally outside the Legislative Building in Carson City. One of the messages read “No more CRT [Critical Race Theory] or LGBTQIA+ in our schools.”

Of course, Democrats immediately tried to make HER the new Jussie Smollett with charges of Racism and Bigotry, demanding something be done immediately. Democrat activists at the so-called Nevada Independent are even harassing and trying to expose the man who wrote the message, continually calling, emailing, and bothering him on Facebook.

“I’m fairly comfortable, I’d like to think, in my skin and in knowing who I am, and it bothered me,” Harris said in an interview. “I want people to think about the children in these environments who may be gay or just not sure. Or maybe African American, and how that message will resonate with them in their learning environment.”

And of course, the spineless Republican wimps who allowed the democrats to destroy our economy rolled over and will now allow them to destroy our kids!

“I strongly condemn the message Senator Dallas Harris received,” Senate Minority Leader Heidi Seevers Gansert (R-Reno) said. “I am offended by the note and I don’t believe this matter reflects the values of all students and families who want more school choice in Nevada.”

Local Political Activist Chuck Muth rightly pointed out on his blog, “The card wasn’t a “hate” message.  It didn’t “stoke fear.”  It didn’t say gay students shouldn’t be “welcome in our schools.”  It simply objected to certain curriculum being taught to captive kids in public school classrooms.  And the whiners know it.”

Making a career out of accusing others of Racism!

BLM Activist Day, Sen. Dallas Harris (D-Las Vegas)

Keep in mind, the democrat senator is an unqualified BLM activist who uses Race and sex to push her career forward. This is the same moron who last week tried to get media attention by pushing for a bill to abolish slavery, while quoting racist pop signers — Seriously, it’s 2023 and this race/sex hustler is still pretending people are slaves in Nevada!

Sen. Dallas Harris is also the same woman who sponsored Senate Bill (SB) 275 that made it legal for someone who knowingly has HIV/AIDS to give another person HIV/AIDS in Nevada.

It’s not Racist to PROTECT OUR KIDS!

Sorry, but this isn’t racist, and it isn’t a discriminatory message. It’s a demand that we don’t want groomers sexualizing kindergarteners and we don’t feel the need to teach CRT to elementary children.


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