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Southern Nevada Health District Again Stops Releasing Vaccinated Death Count!

UPDATE 10/17/2021: For the second week in a row, SNHD is refusing to release the number of vaccinated deaths. Another report should have been released on October 14th, but they are again saying “No report was released due to revisions in the methodology.”

From SNDH website

The Southern Nevada Health District has stopped releasing it’s weekly report that lists the number of so-called “fully vaccinated” Nevadans who died of COVID.

Back in September, the SNHD blamed “technical difficulties“, this time they are saying the report could not be released because of “revisions in the methodology.” Oddly, the technical difficulties and revisions in methodology only seem to affect their ability to report on vaccinated deaths, as they are still pushing out daily propaganda on so-called unvaccinated deaths.

As of September 30th, the last date SNHD reported the vaccinated death rates, at least 158 COVID deaths — most in the last 8 weeks — had been reported in people the Nevada government considers “fully vaccinated”.

But here is the kicker, their own report shows that the numbers are likely much higher as they admit losing track of 8,478 “fully vaccinated” Nevadans who caught and reported COVID. 4,852 of those were hospitalized, yet the Southern Nevada Health District has NO CLUE on what happened to even those people.

Did they die? SNHD can’t tell you, instead they just report the deaths as “UNKNOWN”.

SNHD COVID Unknown Data
From SNHD Sept. 30th Report

Let that sink in, these are the same people the government is relying on to push vaccine mandates and mask policies. Policy is being made based on numbers that are complete bullshit!

Why would we trust an agency that lost track 81% of the people in it’s reports?