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Sisolak’s Killer Shutdowns: More Young People Died of Drug Overdoses than from COVID in Nevada

Sisolak Reaper

While the mainstream media want to pretend young people are in some mortal danger from the so-called COVID pandemic, the facts about how deadly this pandemic has become for young people are slowly starting to leak out and it has NOTHING to do with the virus!

Over the weekend, Nevada health officials quietly released drug overdose numbers from 2020, and the findings confirm exactly what we have been saying since Governor Steve Sisolak shut down our economy and ruined people’s lives, the pandemic response in Nevada is not only criminal, it’s downright deadly!

As soon as the Sisolak shutdowns hit, many young vulnerable people became desperate. Without work or the ability to go out and live a normal life, they also became increasingly depressed and dependent on drugs.

Accidental overdoses among Nevadans totaled 788 in 2020, a 55% increase from 510 in 2019, the Nevada Overdose Data Program reported Thursday.

2X the number of people under 30 DIED from Drug Overdoses compared to COVID!

The number of overdoses involving people under the age of 25 tripled,  increasing from 38 in 2019 and 106 in 2020. To put that into perspective, only 50 people in Nevada under the age of 30 died from the so-called COVID pandemic during 2020.

CDC Data on Nevada COVID deaths under the age of 30

Oddly, with all the attention given to a pandemic that doesn’t affect young people, the media seems to be silent on the drug overdoses that have killed far more young people than COVID.

Where is the media? Where is the Governor?

When we can easily walk down to the Las Vegas Strip and film people OD’ing in the doorways of Las Vegas Casino resorts, why is all the attention going to the “pandemic” — unless none of this is actually about health, safety, and saving lives!

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