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Sisolak’s Daughter Threatens Nevada: Shut Downs Coming Next week

Carley Sisolak threatens shut down

It seems King Sisolak has shared some shut down 2.0 insider information with his daughter Carley Sisolak; no matter where the state’s COVID numbers are at next week, it seems he is already planning to shut down the state.

Earlier today Steve Sisolak’s daughter Carley posted a message on her Instagram Stories page threatening Nevada.

It read, Blame yourself in nine days when everything gets shut down – not the government… Going to the strip/casino/bar was NOT crucial. Stay Home or don’t complain when you favorite salon/restaurant/etc. has to close

Carley Sisolak who is the Director of Marketing & Community Relations for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, whose job will not be affected by the shutdowns, seems to be getting some inside information from her Dad. Only, she may be in some hot water for letting the cat out of the bag because her account is now marked private after the public caught wind of the Instagram post!

Thank goodness for screenshots!

Update: The Governor’s daughter has now completely deleted her Instagram account. I guess she didn’t want people seeing her do everything that she is demanding us serfs not to do – like eating out and going to places she says are NOT crucial!