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Sisolak Using Nevada Health Link to Give Taxpayer Money to Illegal Aliens

Sisolak Illegal Aliens

Nevada Democrats are no longer trying to hide their treasonous and unlawful behavior, as Governor Steve Sisolak’s administration is admitting to stealing your tax dollars for illegal aliens and bragging about it on Twitter.

This morning Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak proudly proclaimed on Twitter that he ordered the State of Nevada to create an online resource center for illegal aliens, where they can learn how to siphon money from hard-working taxpayers.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak tweeted out what amounts to treason this morning when he told illegal immigrants how to apply for government assistance.

On the Nevada Health Link website — BUILT WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS — Sisolak helps illegals steal even more of your tax dollars by showing them how they can apply for Marketplace, Medicaid and/or CHIP benefits. Keep in mind, this is the same administration that bankrupted our state, labeled non-government workers as NON-ESSENTIAL, destroyed our economy with years of mandates, and now they want to give YOUR money to people who are here illegally!


  1. If a family of 5 here illegally has one more child born here, then all 6 get benefits on a itin card – individual taxpayers identification number

  2. That’s Lak for ya.
    I don’t see Bumbling Joe much better though.
    Prepare to be just like crumbling LA.
    I am going to leave. There is no sense building or owning anything here.

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