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Sisolak to run Illegal Nevada Lottery using tax dollars to pay people to take COVID Shot


This morning, Steve Sisolak, the incompetent moron of a governor who crashed the Nevada economy into the ground, told Channel 3 News live on air that Nevada is about to run what amounts to a lottery to pay people to take the COVID vaccinations.

While Governor Sisolak was quick to say it was “not a lottery”, the plan sounds identical to the vaccination lotteries that a number of other liberal governors have implemented. So while he is trying to play word games, the Nevada State Constitution is very clear “no lottery may be authorized by this State, nor may lottery tickets be sold.”

Prize system for COVID-19 vaccinations? You mean a Lottery, Right?

The governor said his plan will use “stimulus funds” to give out prizes like cash, scholarships, hunting licenses, dinners and hotel stays. No matter what he calls it, there is not doubt that it is ILLEGAL under the state constitution. And of course, the morons in the media are running full steam to cheerlead for yet the latest set of Sisolak crimes!

UPDATE – 6/17/2021: While morons in our local media spent weeks pretending that this isn’t a lottery, today Governor Steve Sisolak announced that he is giving out a grand prize of $1 million and has hired a LOTTERY company to oversee the illegal COVID LOTTERY!

Earlier in the week, Investigative reporter David Charns at Las Vegas @8NewsNow tried to “debunk” our story, insisting that Sisolak never said it was a lottery. This is what passes as “Investigative Journalism” in Las Vegas!