Home News Sisolak Targets Small Businesses for Destruction: Another 30 Days at 25% Capacity

Sisolak Targets Small Businesses for Destruction: Another 30 Days at 25% Capacity

With a majority of Nevada’s small businesses, bars and restaurants teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Governor Steve Sisolak may have just dealt the final blow for many of the states’ struggling small business owners.

The unconstitutional “Statewide Pause” has been extended another 30 days, limiting the capacity to 25% for most small businesses, bars and restaurants, while allowing mega-corporations like Walmart, Amazon and Big Box stores like Costco to ignore the mandates.

Small Bars and Restaurants will be further punished for trying to keep their businesses afloat, and will be forced to keep the asinine reservation policy in place, where they will be banned from seating anyone without a reservation, even if they have not reached the 25% capacity cap.

We’ve now had 10 MONTHS OF Mask mandates and shutdowns, none of which have done anything to “Stop the spread” but we continue on the same idiotic path, making sure we don’t ever get to herd immunity so that these bastards can keep us locked down until they kill small business and your spirit of for good.

Oddly, some groups are allowed to do whatever the hell they want!

This comes as multiple BLM fights and riots have broken out throughout the valley, as certain groups are allowed to ignore all mandates and gather in gigantic groups without fear of consequences. The Governor and his criminal Attorney General have yet to address the violence that has been plaguing the Vegas valley since last summer. Apparently, 5 people sitting at a bar drinking is going to kill the world, but hundreds of pieces of shit rioting inside of Meadows Mall is AOK~