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Sisolak Targets SHOT Show: Sends Enforcement Team to threaten Exhibitors and Attendees.

SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Governor Steve Sisolak is using the gaming control board and the CEOs of the top Strip resorts to push a campaign of intimidation and harassment, targeting those who are attending the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

This morning, our sources at multiple casinos have told us that security teams have been told to crackdown on all SHOT Show people that they see without masks; in fact, they have again started to scream at people to pull up their masks in-between eating and drinking.

Vegas Mask Signs

Keep in mind, these are the same casinos that can’t stop homeless people from ODing and setting up homeless camps in their doorways, but seem to have the time to harass gun owners over masks.

NSSF SHOT Show threatens to shut down Exhibitors who don’t Obey Mask Policy

Unfortunately, the National Shooting Sports Foundation seems to have bowed down and caved to the pressure and this morning began threatening to remove people and exhibitors from the show floor for not wearing the compliance masks.

Anyone with the SHOT Show app on their phones received a pop up message warning them that they better wear their masks when the show opens on Tuesday.

SHTO Show Mask Reminder on App

Just before New Years, Governor Sisolak and the Gaming Control Board started threatening to suspend gaming licenses of businesses that didn’t enforce the mask mandate. Of course we know this is all political, after all, as we reported earlier in the week, there was a COVID outbreak at the fully masked, and fully vaccinated CES Show.

Because of the targeted harassment, a number of companies that have been at SHOT Show for over a decade decided not to attend, citing Sisolak’s mask policy as the reason for canceling. Keep in mind, we are losing billions of dollars in non-gaming revenue over mandates that are not being followed by the democrats who passed them!


  1. Thank goodness we have representation in NV that will not cower to a bunch of convention goers, who put the Hotel Staff, Hotel Security and other Hotel guests at risk of this highly contagious variant of Covid-19. All of us who work and live here, wish to have the Freedom to live and care for our families. Clearly the commentor above does not know what a Nazi is… let me make it clear, “Nazi’s killed 6 million Jews during the Holocaust” and our Governor is NOT a Nazi.

    • You are seriously so uneducated it hurts me to read this. Cowering over a cold. You are what’s wrong with Las Vegas. ?? I’ve never complied and still alive and well. Continue watching CNN and stay home coward.

    • Everyone goes to “he killed 6 million Jews”. Yeah, that’s insanely terrible. But when we say Nazi, we mean the policies that allowed him to killed 6 million Jews. The Nazi rise to power was very similar to the current policies regarding COVID. Read about late 1930s Austria and Germany.

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