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Sisolak Says No intention of lifting Mask Mandate as Vegas Economy Crashes

One year after 15 days to stop the spread, Governor “LimpDick” Sisolak told reporters that he has zero intention on lifting the mask mandate, even though a number of other states have not only lifted mask mandates, but opened their economies and businesses at 100%.

As tourists cancel trips to Las Vegas in mass, opting to travel to states that actually respect their freedom, states like Texas, Florida and Arizona, Sisolak has yet again chosen to screw hard-working Nevadans and ensure even more businesses go belly up.

“I knew I was putting a majority of workers in the state of Nevada out of work,” Sisolak told AP.

“If I’m going to take a vacation with my family — the people that I love the most — I’m going to go where I feel safe,” the first-term Democrat said. “I saw a picture of a Texas basketball game the other night. It was full, and nobody was wearing a mask. I mean, that’s not going to work.”

But none of this matters to Sisolak!

Sisolak and Friends getting rich as Nevada Burns!

We’ve been covering Sisolak’s abuse and how he is using the COVID taskforce to target his enemies and allow friends like Jim Murren to bankrupt his competition and then buy these businesses for pennies on the dollar for months now.

From pushing for the corporate takeover of Nevada by allowing corporations to start their own company towns to letting his friend Andrew Pascal get rich off of the shut downs he helped push with the COVID tracing App, Sisolak seems hellbent on killing our state.