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Sisolak Revs up Business Shutdown Talk: Lies and says Hospitalizations are Up

The governor released a press release today claiming COVID hospitalizations are up, and seemed to indicate that lockdowns and business shutdowns are again on the table. The only problem is what he said doesn’t line up with the actual data being released by health officials.

While so-called positive cases may be up slightly, much of that seems to be caused by a mass-induced panic where we now have tens of thousands of brainwashed, mentally ill people rushing to be tested daily, thinking they caught the newest media variant.

And as far as his claim that hospitalizations are up, he is just straight-up lying to you.

In fact, according to the Southern Nevada Health District’s latest report, as of today hospitalizations have been falling for almost three weeks in a row. On December 29th, the most current date in the report, only 1 person was hospitalized in Clark County. So are the hospitals being overwhelmed by 1 person?

Here is the data right from the Southern Nevada Health District, and here is the link right to their report on their website if you don’t believe us.

Threats to Close Down Business Again?

One of the most interesting parts of the press release was not the bold faced lie, but was the part that seemed to threaten shutdowns again.

The press release seems to indicate that if people don’t start wearing masks and getting vaccinated, business may be forced to shut down again. If it wasn’t being discussed, then why does the talk about bringing numbers down so businesses and schools can remain open? So are we now considering shutting businesses down again over a couple people trickling into hospitals with a runny nose?


  1. Orwellian. We are living in a culture where some of our most published, board certified doctors are being sandbagged for offering early treatment to the sick to support the COVID vaccine agenda. Their studies, carried out with government grants, are being called “misinformation” by that same government. Successful early treatments that are being used in other countries are being ignored. Denial of early treatment lands some of us in the hospital and it’s being blamed on the “unvaccinated.” The glowing box in everyone’s pocket is telling them to panic, so they just keep on drinking the kool-aid.

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