Home Government Sisolak Raises $4.5 million in campaign cash from Companies Benefiting from Shutdowns!

Sisolak Raises $4.5 million in campaign cash from Companies Benefiting from Shutdowns!

After crashing our economy and helping corporations like MGM crush their smaller competitors with the continued shutdowns, Governor Sisolak is pulling in some big bucks for his next election in 2022.

Halfway through his disastrous term, Steve Sisolak has raised upwards of $4.5 million in campaign cash for his 2022 reelection campaign, after more than doubling his election cash in 2020 with $2.4 million in contributions – mostly from companies that are financially benefiting from the continued shutdowns.

Some of the notable personal doners, who contributed the maximum of $10,000 include:

  • Marc Badain, chairman of the Raiders: The Raiders have been allowed to ignore the capacity mandates and still “play ball” as your kids are banned form playing the same sport!
  • Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft: Naft was personally appointed by Sisolak and continues to push for ongoing shutdowns. He also gave his buddy $10,000 on December, 28th 2020.
  • Elaine Wynn: Wynn’s nephew, Andrew Pascal, not only created Sisolak’s COVID tracing app, but is raking in record profits for his online casino games company that is benefiting from his involvement in keeping the shutdowns going.

$50,000 came from Marnell Gaming companies (owners of M Resorts), shortly after these contributions Marnell was able to “acquire” land that was worth $6.5 million from the City of Henderson for a mere $4.3 million. The land will be used to build a new build a hotel-casino that is expected to cater towards Las Vegas Raiders tourism.

And Speaking of the Raiders, Sisolak’s favorite slush fund…

Sisolak also brought in some big bucks from seven companies linked to Las Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley, as well as a maximum contribution from Foley himself, for a total of $80,000. This is interesting because the Golden Knights employ Steve’s daughter Carley Sisolak as their Director of Marketing and have been able to skirt the Governor’s mandates, even as Carley threatened the public and demanded they stay away from the Strip.

And of course we have the Cannabis companies who were given special permission to stay open throughout the so-called pandemic. There are a whole host of Cannabis connected companies who maxed out their contributions to the Sisolak campaign including Adam Cohen Owner of Jardin Dispensary and Euphoria Wellness LLC.

Another $50,000 can be traced back to companies directly tied to Jim Murren and MGM Resorts International properties. MGM and Jim Murren have been using the Shutdowns to try to buy up bankrupt companies or companies who are financially struggling as a result of the shutdowns.