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Sisolak & Murren Shut Down Fremont Street and Bans Locals on New Year’s

The Fremont Street Experience under heavy pressure from Governor Sisolak, Jim Murren’s COVID task force, and the gaming commission was forced to ban locals from Fremont Street on New Year’s Eve.

Only hotel guests will be permitted to visit the PUBLIC MALL. Locals are BANNED!

Our sources tell us that Sisolak and the Gaming Commission started threatening to pull gaming licenses from downtown Casinos if they didn’t put pressure on the Fremont Street Experience to close. According to our sources, this is all part of a larger plan by the Jim Murren Task Force to bankrupt Downtown Casinos and give MGM a larger monopoly on the Casino industry in Las Vegas.

We are also hearing that Sisolak lost his shit when he found out the Plaza Hotel & Casino were going ahead with their firework show. To punish the Plaza Hotel & Casino, they have been excluded from the list of downtown Casinos who will be able to let their guests enter Fremont Street.

Hotel guests of Binion’s, California Hotel & Casino, Circa Resort & Casino, the D Las Vegas, Four Queens Hotel & Casino, Fremont Hotel & Casino, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and Golden Nugget Las Vegas will be the only people allowed to access Fremont Street.

As we reported earlier in the month, Jim Murren has been using his position as the head of Nevada’s COVID task force to profit from the shut downs and bankruptcies that have come as a result of his policies.

After leaving MGM Resorts with a $32 million payout, and while serving on the COVID taskforce, Jim Murren teamed up with former Morgan Stanley veterans Edward King and Daniel Fetters to benefit from the destruction of Las Vegas as they formed a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) to pursue potential deals in online gaming and buying up bankrupt live event and entertainment-related businesses.