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Sisolak Forcing Conventions & Concerts to Require Proof of Vaccinations to Drop Mask Mandate

Earlier this month we reported on how Governor Steve Sisolak, Jim Murren and MGM Resorts were pressuring events venues to enact vaccine passports and BAN UNVACCAINTED PEOPLE! That day is now here!

In a press conference this afternoon, the communist POS Governor of Nevada announced his latest initiative to kill our conventions and events industry for good — an initiative that will use the Casinos, Concerts, Conventions and Events to force vaccine mandates and enact vaccination passports in order to attend events.

Ban Unvaccinated from your business or event and you will soon be allowed to go mask free!

Going forward, all large events and trade shows will be required to make attendees wear masks at all times, but if they ban people who are unvaccinated from the event and enact vaccine passports then our tyrant governor says he is allowing event operators to make their events mask free events.

In his dystopian press conference, the psychotic, wannabe dictator governor laughed in amusement at his plan to ban unvaccinated people from living a normal life, laughing and telling reporters that this will force people to get the vaccine if they want to attend events. He says these venues will have vaccination stations out front, so when people come to the event they will literally be told that the only way they can come in is if they immediately take the shot!

He then encouraged small businesses to enact vaccine passports and warned that he would use law enforcement to go after anyone who tried to use fake vaccine cards.

Of course none of this is about stopping the virus, it’s about control.

If masks are truly so effective, why would you allow vaccinated people to attend huge events without masks, while at the same time banning unvaccinated people who have confirmed negative COVID tests? We know that fully vaccinated people are not only getting sick and dying from the virus, but according to the CDC they are spreading it just as fast as unvaccinated people. So Mr. Mask is now allowing thousands of vaccinated people who could be sick and positive for the COVID virus to attend events without the magic mask… How does any of that make sense?

This is just the start… Bars, Restaurants and Stores are next!

The governor’s office is working with Jim Murren, MGM and the COVID taskforce to intimidate business owners into requiring vaccine passports. Later this month, they are expected to announce that if small businesses ban the unvaccinated as well, they will also be able to drop mask mandates.

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