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Sisolak and Nevada Gaming Control Board Threaten Casino & Bar Licenses Over Mask Mandate

As many Nevadans start to ignore the oppressive, useless mask mandates that have plagued our state for almost two years now, The governor is using the Gaming Control Board and OSHA to try to intimidate local casinos and bars into forcing their customers to wear the masks.

This morning, at the request of Governor Steve Sisolak, the Nevada Gaming Control Board sent out threatening letters informing Casinos and Gaming bars that their de facto brown shirts would be out in full force over New Year, fining and taking disciplinary action against anyone who doesn’t force their customers to wear the Democrat compliance masks.

Here is the Memo that was sent out:

Rules for Thee…

Kathy Sisolak defies mask mandate

The news comes as the Governor’s wife was caught throwing a maskless gala inside the Paris Hotel and Casino. As we pointed a couple weeks back, when we exposed numerous Nevada Democrats who continue to defy the mandates they expect you to follow, if the people who imposed the mask mandate are not worried about COVID, then why is the public still continuing to follow these hypocrites unlawful orders?

As we reported this morning, the Governor’s mask and COVID policies have led to the highest rate of job loss found in any state! It looks like this asshole will not be satisfied until every man, woman, and child is broke and living in the streets!


  1. i’ve voted democrat my entire life, but im voting straight republican in 2022. this clown needs to go

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