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Sisolak Allows Convention to Go Mask Free if they Ban Unvaccinated and Require Vaccine Passports

Steve Sisolak

Yesterday, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed Emergency Directive 050, which attempts to coerce trade shows and large events into mandating vaccine passports and banning the unvaccinated so they can get around the mask mandate.

The so-called “emergency directive” once again proves this has nothing to do with health and safety, and is only about full and utter control of the populous. If this was about health and safety, and according to Sisolak masks work, why would they allow the mandate to be dropped for the vaccinated who according to the CDC can not only catch “COVID” but can get sick, spread it to others, and die!

You can be Sick with COVID, but vaccinated and you will be allowed into events without a mask under Sisolak’s Mandate!

If this is about protecting people, why would you ban unvaccinated people who have COVID antibodies which are better than any vaccine and/or a negative COVID test? I mean if we are pretending to follow the science, there would be ZERO way these people could spread COVID – yet, Sisolak is encouraging these people to be banned from living life.

Keep in mind, under Sisolak’s new “Emergency Directive”, a vaccinated person with an active case of COVID is now allowed to go to large events and conventions, without having to take a COVID test, and spread it to everyone at that event because he complied with the “vaccine mandate”. On the other hand, a perfectly healthy person with a negative COVID test would be BANNED from the show or convention.

You get that? Did you “follow the science”?

List of Events who are banning unvaccinated people and enacting Vaccine Passports for entry.