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Sisolak 2.0? Governor Lombardo Rewards Failing Public Schools with $2 Billion of OUR money!

Lombardo is Sisolak 2.0

Tonight, Governor Joe Lombardo confirmed that Nevada voted to continue the same liberal policies that have destroyed our state.

In what amounts to a kick in the nuts to school choice and homeschoolers who supported the RINO governor, Lombardo announced tonight during this State of the State speech that he was increasing funding by $2 billion to the failing Nevada public school system.

My budget contains 2 billion dollars in new funding for our students. That’s an increase of more than 22 percent from what was appropriated in the current biennium, Lombardo said in his speech.

A large portion of that will go to illegals who can’t speak English!

Lombardo proclaimed, “Perhaps most groundbreaking is the commitment to equity. When the Pupil Centered Funding Plan was created, equity was built into the formula through the weights, for English language learners, at-risk students, and gifted and talented learners.”

By “equity” he means punishing successful homeschoolers and kids who are actually learning and redistributing funds to losers!

Homeschoolers and School Choice Advocates Screwed Again!

When all is said and done, my budget proposes spending more than $2,000 dollars per student more next year, Lombardo said in his State of the State address.

So, while homeschoolers and school choice advocates shell out more of their hard-earned tax dollars, liberal activists will be rewarded with our money.


  1. I personally was upset by this. I have grandchildren in CCSD and many I care about. I reached out to an advocate huge organization who is really about the people, (students and parents).

    As a new voter I learned quickly that you have to toe the line and im still learning about the casserole layers of governance and decisions.

    So where I’m at now is that everyone should just be quiet. Billions being poured into the CCSD school system. Let us see how they do. It will be apperant if the unions are in control or the CCSD board has been compromised.

    The other very cool thing is AB400, proposed. It’s astonishing to me as a former section 8, welfare mother of four very successfully accomplished parent of adults and now parents of my seven grandchildren… that we have opposed folks. You are are late… way late opposition.

    My adult children identified as black and many other valid heritage members and are parents. We’ve long seen past your hype and division. Talking to opponents.

    Choose another group to be your patsy of generations of generations of victims. Las Vegas… the do gooders. You are about thirty years late. Please stop acting like things are knew.

    Why do you think that transplants encouraged our very grown kids to come to Vegas? Come on now.

    Thank you and maybe check yourself, before sucking in social media land victory.

    We see you… even if you don’t see yourself. That’s up to you to learn. I’m thankfully blessed with grown people, who are my children and who are parents and don’t believe your hype.

    Hopefully the rest of Clark County and Nevada as a whole can see the attempts of Californians, trying to mess up Nevada.

    Anyone object? I don’t have social media and am not into keyboard warriors nonsense.

    Thank you for reading.

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