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Sideshow Madness: 4 Shot in Las Vegas Ghetto Sideshow Street Takeover

Las Vegas Sideshow Shooting

On Sunday, Las Vegas was a hotspot for violence as the streets in South Las Vegas were once again taken over by a dangerous and illegal activity known as a “sideshow.” Sideshows are street takeovers where ghetto street gangs and lowers perform dangerous stunts and engage in illegal activities on public roads, putting the lives of innocent bystanders at risk.

During this sideshow, four individuals were shot, with one still in critical condition at a nearby hospital. Dispatchers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a report of a shooting near Bermuda and Pilot roads in the south Las Vegas region during a street takeover on Sunday at around 2:15 a.m.

“The investigation by South Central Area Command detectives determined a male was attempting to get into a vehicle when he was confronted by one of the victims,” police said in a statement Tuesday. “A physical altercation took place. During the altercation, it is believed multiple people took out their firearms and began shooting.”

This is just another of example of how liberal policies and a police department run by a sheriff that is more concerned with criminals’ feelings than protecting the public has turned our city into a carbon copy of the ghettos of Oakland.

Back in February, our newly elected Sheriff, Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill, gave a press conference where he spent over half an hour talking about how he was going to inject humanity into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department and pledged to make officers stop using phrases like “problem neighborhoods,” “high crime areas,” and “persistent hot spots.”

These sideshows are not just harmless fun. As we’ve reported numerous times in the past, they often involve criminals who use these events to engage in illegal activities, such as drug dealing, theft, and even violence.

It’s time for our Vegas residents to take a stand against these criminals and illegal sideshows. We need to demand law enforcement agencies crack down on these events and hold the people accountable for their actions.


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