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Sheriff Joe Lombardo Trashes Metro Cops that Won’t Take The Vaccine

Sheriff Joe Lombardo

Sheriff Joe Lombardo has been attacking his own officers, running to the media like a little whiny bitch, insulting Las Vegas Metro Police who refuse to take the experimental COVID vaccine. According to the media, who are all feverishly jumping on the Lombardo train in an attempt to shame local officers, under 40% of Las Vegas Metro police officers have submitted to the pressure to take the vaccine.

LVMPD Sheriff Lombardo calls it unacceptable, but Steve Grammas President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) says it’s a personal choice for every officer. “If that officer doesn’t feel confident in getting two-shots or the single shot, I mean gosh, look what happened with Johnson and Johnson that doesn’t help,” said Grammas.

Lombardo, who has done jack shit to stop a years’ worth of violence and murders on the Strip, has been trashing his officers in the local and national media saying,  “I think it’s unacceptable.” … I’m doing everything I can to make it readily available, but I hire from the human race, and sometimes people are just lazy.”

Lombardo admitted to the Washington Post that he has considered mandating that his officers take the vaccine and told the Post that he even put policies in place that banned officers from being able to use work-related sick leave to quarantine if they tested positive for COVID-19. He hoped that once officers had to use their own sick leave to quarantine that it would force them to take the shot.

Our sources tell us the decision has only made things tenser inside of Metro, as officers who were already upset with Lombardo’s lack of response to the violence on the Strip say Lombardo is making it harder for them to do their jobs.

Our sources say that tensions have been boiling over for at least 14 months now, as officers have been pulled out of trouble spots on the Strip and are now being forced into the political dog and pony show of pretending they are stopping hate crimes in Chinatown.

Last month we reported on how the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department ordered its officers to join Governor Steve Sisolak’s political sideshow, and pull officers out of areas with heavy crime and use them in saturation patrols of Chinatown so they can pretend they are fighting Hate Crimes – Crimes that NEVER actually happened in our city’s Chinatown area.

Instead of addressing a year’s worth of rampant violence, stabbings, shootings, and murders on the Las Vegas Strip, Lombardo allowed his officers to be used as political pawns.  

In fact, in the last month — while Lombardo allowed his officers to be used as pawns in Chinatown — we’ve had multiple shootings (the deadly one across from Aria, the one at The Flamingo,  the shootout near the Strat, and the shooting at the Hilton Grand Vacation Hotel.); numerous unreported attacks by homeless drug addicts; a stabbing at the Cosmopolitancriminal bike gangs attacking tourists and security guardscriminals trashing our infrastructureBLM fighting with tourists; and a man being brutally beaten by a pack of thugs over a taco.

Hell, his officers are even being used as private security to protect local ad agencies who are filming commercials to pretend Vegas is back as bums are masturbating just feet away — you can’t make this shit up!