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SEMA and AAPEX Cancel Vegas Convention Thanks to our Communist Governors Attack on the Las Vegas Economy!

Sema Show in Las Vegas

The list of tradeshow cancellations are coming fast and furious, but the latest cancellation hits our economy almost as bad as last month’s CES cancellation. Both the SEMA and AAPEX shows scheduled for November have pulled out today, due to the fact that our governor and the city of Las Vegas government are a bunch of anti-business assholes bent on destroying our city so they can win an election.

AAPEX sent out the following to attendees:

AAPEX 2020, scheduled for Nov. 3-5, 2020 at the Sands Expo and Caesars Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas, will not be held as an in-person tradeshow event this year due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and related governmental prohibitions and restrictions on gatherings, businesses, and travel.

Instead, AAPEX will provide a virtual/digital experience with many of the show’s same elements presented digitally. Given the State of Nevada’s recently announced long-term mitigation strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic, which has indefinitely prohibited events with more than 50 participants, and the severe limitations on international and domestic travel imposed in connection with the pandemic, unfortunately, the traditional in-person event cannot proceed.

Democrats have declared war on Las Vegas and the American Dream!

Governor Steve Shitbag Sisolak has effectively banned all conventions in Las Vegas indefinitely. They are the lifeblood of this city, and without them, we will not survive.

Convention travelers support 65,000 Las Vegas jobs, $2.7 billion in wages and $9.8 billion in total economic output, which represents a 16.6 percent total visitor impact on the local economy. If you lose your job and your business you know who to blame!

With this latest targeted attack on the tradeshow industry, Sisolak and the City of Las Vegas have ensured tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs, and hundreds, possibly thousands of small business owners who depend on convention tourism will likely lose their businesses.

Take a look at what is now coming to Las Vegas, it’s not businessmen, it’s not people with money – it’s ghetto trash that are coming here with their luggage in garbage bags because they can’t afford actual luggage.

The strip has been overrun by ghetto street thugs who have turned it into a warzone with assaults now becoming a daily occurrence. Hell, we’re even having open gang warfare and shootings in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd., and the national media pretends it’s not happening because you wouldn’t want to make BLM look bad and have people wake up to what’s really going on!

This has nothing to do with a so-called pandemic. The “pandemic” is on par with last year’s flu numbers in the state of Nevada. This is about a bunch of scum bag Democrats trying to steal an election and destroy the American Dream!