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Second Case of Monkeypox in Las Vegas: Democrats still refuse to close Illegal Gay Sex Clubs where it Spreads!

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The Southern Nevada Health District has confirmed another case of Monkeypox in Clark County.  According to the Health District, the individual, a male in his 30s, was diagnosed in another state.

Despite the second confirmed case, SNHD and the Nevada democrats who run the county — the same ones who destroyed our economy over a cold — are refusing to stop the “Pride” events or close down the illegal gay sex clubs that almost all health officials admit are the reason the virus is spreading!

Just like in the first case, The man is supposedly self-isolating at home; and again, we have learned that there is no mandatory contact tracing happening, and the gay sex clubs where this disgusting disease is spreading are not being told they need to shut down or even take the most basic safety precautions.

Local Media Not telling public how it is being spread!

While local media refused to report on it, we reported the gruesome details of how this outbreak started at a gay sex orgy event where 80,000 degenerates gathered to have sex with other men and animals. More than 1,300 cases of the viral disease have been reported by about 30 countries since the outbreak at the gay sex festival. Almost all of the cases have been reported in men who have sex with men.

We warned it would likely hit Las Vegas via the gay bathhouses that our county allows to illegally operate.

While the mainstream media refuses to cover it, health officials say GAY PRIDE events are making the situation worse. In the UK, where a large number of gay men are being infected every day, Dr Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Adviser for the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA), urged people – especially men who have sex with men – to be alert to symptoms.

She said: “Because the virus spreads through close contact, we are urging everyone to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service if they have any symptoms. “

CDC issues bizarre guidance for having sex with monkeypox!

You really can’t make this up!!!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month issued a list of safe activities for sexually active patients to engage in. Among the recommendations are avoiding kissing and “having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present.” They told Americans who think they might have been exposed to monkeypox that they should take precautions like masturbating 6 feet apart from their partner to prevent the spread of the virus.

Gay Dating Apps in UK Warn users about spread in Gay Community.

Earlier in the month, the degenerates who run the gay dating/sex app Grindr sent out a monkeypox alert urging gay and bisexual men to be aware of the virus’ symptoms. The warning was issued to users across Europe last night, advising them to contact their sexual health provider if they have any unusual sores or rashes.

Nevada Democrats destroyed our economy over a cold, but they won’t close down illegal gay sex clubs and Pride events to stop Monkeypox!

Governor Sisolak, who ruthlessly targeted small business owners and bars during the COVID shutdowns, has still refused to say a word about Monkeypox showing up in Clark County. But, of course, doing so would immediately draw attention to the numerous gay sex clubs he allowed to operate throughout Las Vegas during the COVID crisis.


  1. Disgusting! That entire commercial center area is a hellhole of disease, drug trafficking, sex trafficking and crime. Almost all of the businesses in there are involved in some sort of crime enterprise but the city allows them to keep going.

  2. Well Sisolak legalized knowingly giving AIDS so what’s a little Monkeypox. Sisolak also closed the strip clubs but kept the gay bath houses open because health.

  3. You couldn’t be more wrong. First of all the monkey pox cases are not an STD it is from contact on surfaces or skin to skin. The clubs were made legal by REPUBLICANS in 1988. You’re interjecting they are illegal but your ignorant A private membership required facility can do as they wish as members pay for access. That is not illegal.

    Wow your stupidity really is showing. You would know the economy has a 12-18 month lag. So what we see today was from things REPUBLICANS. And DEMOCRATS did a year and a half ago. Clearly you come from an innread family. Common sense tells most people all the things you didn’t know were in the works. I’m so glad gay legislation is being passed for gay access at work and extra days off for gay drama days.

    Or the buddy legislation, which pairs people like you bigots with a very friendly gay person to hold your hand skin to skin .

    People like you should be sent to Siberia and forgotten the workd would be better off

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