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Rules For Thee: Susie Lee Violates Mask Mandate Again at Party Honoring Chinese Billionaire

Susie Lee Maskless

Congresswoman Susan “Wuhan” Lee has yet again violated the Nevada Mask mandate that her and her democrat party expects you to follow, at another lavish party for billionaires.

Lee, who was caught and exposed last month partying maskless with Raiders Owner Mark Lee and Democrat Senator Jacky Rosen, was caught, yet again, violating her own party’s tyrannical mandates, as she danced the night away partying at a Gala for K.T. Lim, a Chinese-Malaysian billionaire.

The event, which was held at Resorts World, forced staff to wear masks while celebrities and democrat lawmakers partied their asses off all night without them. To add insult to injury, Resorts World has some of the most draconian health mandates on the strip, forcing all new hires to take the experimental COVID shots to maintain employment and even segregating unvaccinated employees.  

Nevada’s Millionaire Hypocrite Congresswoman Susie Lee

When walking around with her local media propagandists, Lee pretends to religiously wear the masks everywhere, even outdoors at Lake Mead.

Here she is pretending to wear them, outside with Kamala Harris

But the moment she hits the clubs…

Susie Lee at another lavish party last month without it!

Keep in mind, it’s easy for Rep. Susie Lee of Nevada to cheer for the Sisolak Mandates and Shutdowns, while not being affected by them in the slightest. She has assets worth $35,712,000, has 17 homes, private jets, and her ex-husband’s Casino Company, Full House Resorts, stole $5.6 million in COVID Funds!

It’s time to take the masks off people, why are you continuing to let these hypocrite bastards dictate how you live your life with mandates that they don’t follow themselves? They are openly mocking you, laughing at your compliance!


  1. So she received millions in PPP funds? And then “partying it up” while volunteer based nonprofits were not eligible for those funds because no paid staff and many an individual wanted on DETER to get their act together, schools were closed, special education kids suffered with learning on a screen, teachers were not paid, $42million was “lost” by teachers health trust, landlords were not paid and essential workers (including warehouse workers and truck drivers) worked their behinds off, while others had BBQ’s and bragged about it with their stimulus money. Meanwhile go ahead politicians all of you! Go ahead and brown nose your way to the “top” and rub it in all of our faces you self enriching lackluster poster children of opulence. Regular folks who always trusted you to do the right thing (because you are elected.. and professional.. I guess).. we see the disarray and lack of contingency plans you have had for 2+ years from working folks to school children impacted. Averages Joe’s you are more capable in your pinky finger to serve the people and for the people of America than these aristocrats. If you don’t run then please at least VOTE!

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