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Republican Brian Sandoval Teams up with Sisolak to Push Vaccine Passports

Republican Brian Sandoval with Democrat Steve Sisolak

The former Republican governor and sellout POS Brian Sandoval has teamed up with Governor Steve Sisolak to push vaccine mandates and vaccine passports in Nevada. The former governor, has used his power as the president of the University of Nevada, Reno to require vaccine passports at all UNR men’s and women’s basketball games.

The policy will take effect beginning with the Nov. 9 Nevada men’s basketball season opener against Eastern Washington and the Nov. 10 Nevada women’s basketball season opener against Saint Mary’s.  

Like the raiders, who have been allowed to remove the mask mandate from their stadium in exchange for banning unvaccinated Nevadans, UNR will be allowed by the Governor to hold mask-less home games in exchange for banning unvaccinated people and setting up a vaccine clinic outside their games.

This is a braindead moron Sandoval of course knows it’s all a scam, since he himself was fully vaccinated, still caught COVID, and attended a Raiders game while he had COVID, potentially spreading the virus to thousands of people in the stadium.

But none of this is about stopping a virus, as we’ve covered for the last 18 month, a very familiar group of people seem to be not only behind the Nevada mandates, but profiting from them as well.

Member of the infamous MGM Resorts crime syndicate

Sandavol is part of what we like to call the Jim Murren MGM Resorts crime syndicate, a group of executives who under Jim Murren’s command have managed to hijack our government. A day after announcing he was leaving office, Sandoval joined MGM Resorts as the President of Global Gaming Development.

Of course the moment COVID hit, Sandoval used his connections with MGM and government officials to conveniently land a job as the President of UNR, where he makes over $500,000 a year to help Sisolak push the MGM agenda!

These people are not only criminals, they are as low as it gets!

Remember, these are the same executives who sued the victims of the Las Vegas shooting! MGM, under Jim Murren, filed litigation in eight states against roughly 1,000 victims of the Las Vegas Shooting, yet even after these disgusting actions, Murren was made head of Steve Sisolak’s COVID taskforce, where he used the position to enrich himself, enrich his friends, and shutdown his competitors.

Murren doesn’t even hide the fact that MGM owns the Nevada government, here he is bragging about it a couple years back.