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When Fact Checkers Don’t Check the Facts! Why won’t media admit Renown Garage Hospital is a Fraud on the Public!

Over the last day, a shit storm has overtaken our Twitter feed, we’ve been inundated by mentally ill liberals claiming that we are lying about our coverage of the COVID-19 Hospital scam playing out throughout Nevada. It seems media throughout the world has declared that we are some sort of conspiracy site, claiming that Fact Checkers have confirmed the Renown Parking Garage Hospital is indeed real, even staging photo ops to prove patients are being treated in the third-world style hospital garage.

The problem is, the fact-checkers are full of shit.

None of these so-called journalists even bothered to check the so-called “facts”. In fact, the AP claims they tried to contact us but we didn’t provide a comment – that is a flat out lie from the so-called fact-checkers; we were never contacted by anyone from the AP or any other news organization for that matter – except for a single reporter from the Washington Post who contacted us minutes before their second article dropped (at the time we published this story, our comments have not been added to that WP article).

So let’s look at the Facts:

According to the Nevada Hospital Association, in Washoe County as of December 1, 2020, ICUs are at only 52% Capacity – Record Low numbers! But again, don’t take our word for it, or the “fact-checkers”, or our obese slob of a governor; Look at the Facts for yourself, here is the link: https://covid19washoe.com/press-release/7-covid-19-related-deaths-reported-in-washoe-county-285-total/

Statewide, hospital numbers are exactly where they should be — where is the so-called pandemic crisis?

And here is 35 years woth of CDC Data to compare it to: But again don’t take our words for it fact check it for yourself so you can see it came from the CDC and not us or the lying media: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hus/2017/091.pdf

  • So why would Renown be putting people in a third-world style parking garage hospital? It makes no sense.
  • Why have the so-called fact-checkers never asked that question? Never bothered to mention the hospital bed occupancy rates!
  • Why won’t the media mention that occupancy rates are no higher than they were at this time last year? Where is the crisis?
  • Why are they ignoring that the hospital pulled this same scam back in April 2020. The AP fact-checkers claim the garage hospital was just built, that’s why it is empty in the doctor’s photo. If that’s true, than explain this article from April 2020: Again check for yourself: https://www.ktvn.com/story/41992882/renown-constructing-temporary-care-site-inside-mill-st-parking-garage
  • When they use the word hospitalized, why are they not asking the hospital what that meansare they people taking up real beds, or are they hypochondriacs that have been scared by the media into rushing to the hospital over a case of this sniffles — people who are releases within hours?
  • Why do all of the mainstream news media articles ignore the dozens of videos from locals filming the empty hospital and empty parking garage?

Shouldn’t so-called FACT-CHECKERS be asking those question, instead of attacking us because President Trump retweeted our tweet?

If Renown is indeed using a parking garage to house patients, shouldn’t they be asking why, especially when the county data shows there is zero need? Shouldn’t these so-called fact-checkers be asking if this is medical malpractice, putting people’s lives in danger to justify spending $11 million on a parking garage hospital that was never needed?

When Fact-Checkers and so-called “journalists” just make up stories:

The Washington Post has an interesting take on the story, instead of investigating the claims they have decided to smear patriotic Americans who dare question the narrative, saying, “The hospital’s auxiliary site has been the target in recent weeks of coronavirus deniers who have taken to social media to share a number of false claims about the site. Some posted, without evidence, about how visitors went to the site only to find no patients, which they used as an argument to claim the virus is a hoax.” 

These people are full of shit!

  1. This is not about denying the existence of corona virus, it’s about pointing out that a relatively mild virus is being used to promote an agenda.
  2. Then they go on to smear patriots who are actually doing real investigative work, saying they are posting false claims without evidence. Posting, without evidence? What are they talking about, it would have taken this reporter all of 30 seconds to find multiple videos from actual people who actually visited the so-called garage hospital!

Maybe they should apologize to the people who took these videos — you know, actual fact-checkers!

UPDATE: he “fact-checkers” are not happy with our story. In fact, it got our account on Twitter locked, our site got attacked last night, and we have been flooded with threats after MSNBC and CNN posted our account live on-air last night.

Twitter removed our link to this story and deleted our Tweet that President Trump Retweeted while allowing people to send us threats on their platform! Gotta love Big Tech!